Traditional Dress of Gujarat [Men & Women]

Gujarat is the land full of varieties and colors. The country has a very rich culture that the people there love to preserve and practice through different means. Be it the food or the performances or the dresses, the rich tradition and culture of Gujarat is always seen brimming with perfection. The dresses here are the reminders of the cultural tapestry that the state has. The vividness is visible through the rich craftsmanship. But what traditional dresses do the Gujaratis wear? Let us find that out.

Gujarat Women’s Traditional Dress:

1. Chaniya Choli:

One of the most popular and favorite ensembles of Gujarat is the Chaniya Choli. This three-piece dress consists of the Chaniya, a blouse known as Choli, and a dupatta, which is a scarf. The Chaniya, adorned with colorful mirror work, embroidery, and intricate motifs, is usually pleated and then tied around the waist. Choli is fitted to the torso in which such amazing craftsmanship can be seen with beads, shells, and thread work. A dupatta completes the dress by gracefully being draped over the shoulder or head.

2. Ghagra:

Ghagra, somewhat like the Chaniya, is a long skirt without pleats. It is worn with a Choli and a dupatta and is preferred for its comfort and flexibility. Ghagras are often decorated with mirror work, bandhani, and intricate embroidery, to give a visual treat.

3. Bandhani:

Bandhani, also known as Bandhej, is a traditional dyeing technique that is quite popular in Gujarat. The fabric is tied up in tiny knots, and after dyeing, it gives countless patterns. The bandhani sarees, dupattas, and dresses are cherished for its intricate designs and great colors, thus making them very special in the Gujarati culture.

4. Saree:


Though saree is not from Gujarat, still it holds a special place in its cultural soul. Gujarati sarees are famous for its colorful hues, intricate embroidery, and exquisite borders. The Pallu, i.e., the loosely hanging end of the saree, is most of the time loaded with rich embroidery or mirror work, which adds that extra bit of luxury.

Gujarat Men’s Traditional Dress:

1. Dhoti:

Dhoti is a typical traditional dress worn by men. This is a rectangular piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist and thigh. Usually, Dhotis are accompanied by a Kurta, the tunic, or a jacket typical of Gujarati men called Koti. Dhotis are available in various colors and fabrics. But white is the most common color for a formal occasion.

2. Kurta-Pajama:

Kurta-Pajama is the classic timeless male dress used in Gujarati men’s dress. Kurta is a loose-fitting tunic and Pajama is trousers. It is because of its simplicity and the comfortability it brings, along with the elegance factor, that it is much in use in most casual or formal occasions.

3. Kedia:

Kedia is a traditional Gujarati shirt. It has a loose fit and is patterned with beautiful embroidery. Usually, it is worn with a Dhoti or Pajama and is very much in use in most festive occasions or weddings. Intricate embroidery of the Kedia has the beauty of the rich craftsmanship and cultural heritage of Gujarat.

4. Safa:

Safa is the traditional headgear worn by the Gujarati men, especially in a wedding or festive occasion. It is made from colorful fabrics and is embellished with beads and mirrors. This gives an elegance of royalness to the complete ensemble.


The kaleidoscopic vibrancy of Gujarati dresses speak of the cultural variety that the people of the state have. Be it the colorful Chaniya Choli or the Kurtas, one can find great designs and varieties right here. Centuries of traditions are hidden in the fabrics of these dresses. The cultural identity of the state is found time and again right here in these glorious traditional dress options. No wonder that people across the country and even the globe in to this state to witness such traditional variety.

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