Top 10 Popular Leggings Brands in India

Leggings became the integral part of each woman’s wardrobe as, being put on, women get the ideal combination of style, comfort, and polyvalent. They are often made from stretchy materials like spandex, lycra, or a blend of synthetic fibers. Leggings are commonly worn for exercise, yoga, or as a fashion statement, often paired with tunics, oversized sweaters, or dresses.

With the change of every decade in fashion-loving India, hence, several brands have emerged as leaders of the leggings market which evolved down the line. It is a comfortable choice for women that also endow the wearer with a stylish look. Here we get into the top 10 popular leggings brand and trend that are in Indian fashion for 2024 mentioning out their sole features, style quotient, and trend en-vogue among the girls.

1. Biba:


Leading ethnic wear company Biba now sells leggings, showing its commitment to provide women with innovative options. Biba leggings combine tradition and contemporary with bright colors and stylish designs. Biba’s quality and comfort make it the best ethnic leggings.Biba, established in 1988 by MeenaBindra in New Delhi, is a leading Indian women’s apparel brand. It is a popular one due to its unique and beautiful Indian ethnic clothing selection. Women may buy Biba’s distinctive and modern items at over 150 locations countrywide.Biba’s diverse product lineup had its financial performance disclose success. The company’s 2014-2015 earnings proved at Rs 600 crore it’s a fashion impact.

2. Lyra Lux:

Graceful Lyra Lux is a trailblazing leggings designing company. Grace of rich fabrics and creative designs is mirrored in wearing leggings. Sassy elegance reveals from figures in the leggings by Lyra Lux.Lyra is among leading Indian brands for providing women’s clothes, established in 2012. The quality of the company’s products is supervised by the Lux Group company Ebell Fashions Pvt. Ltd.Other than leggings, Lux Lyra provides pants, t-shirts, pajamas, and Indo-western bottoms. This variety is a proof that the brand has dedicated itself towards customer contentment. Due to its strong clientele and trendy appeal to the modern Indian lady, Lux Lyra enjoys 38% of market ownership in India.Leggings by Lux Lyra had set a trend with innovative and sophisticated designs. Brands like Lux Lyra, after serving a choosy clientele, ventured into various product lines and market positioning.

3. Global Desi:

The leggings were an outcome of Global Desi’s alignment towards Indian-Western fusion. Leggings are overblown through spicy outfits, India colors and trendy style. The leggings have been launched to reflect on the radical attitude of Global Desi towards providing a wide array of modern, casual as well as semi-formal wear for women.Global Desi is a much-loved Indian clothing brand fronted by fashion designer Anita Dongre who is the owner of many businesses. The company made its way to Mauritius in 2013 with 210 outlets in India. She is well known for ladies all over the world because of her boho, fashionable, and staying Indianized clothes which are normal and likable.Mumbai Global Desi brings global fashion trends and cultures. The expansion of the brand outside India ensures women from around the world experience true value as it provides them with fashion-forward solutions piecing together traditional and recent trends.

4. W For Women:

Renowned for its panache, W For Women offers stylish and comfortable leggings. Leggings by W are supposed to go along with the brand’s extensive collection of kurtas and tunics, giving women an elegant and wholesome look for any occasion.W for Women was established 42 years ago in the 1972 by Narender Singh and Trilok Chand, a renowned Indian fashion manufacturer. W for Women enticed the world through Indian shops to prominence success of its overall brand expansion. High-quality fashionable products result in fashion success. W provides modern women apparel whose modish variety never ends.W caters to changing tastes of its choosy buyers with a wide variety of traditional and modern styles. W provides fashionable, comfortable, ladies’ clothing. W for Women is an internationally known brand for apparels appealingly designed elegant and trendy that adds mere charm to the day to day wears.

5. Saundarya:

Saundarya, a leggings trend, emphasizes comfort and elegance. Saundarya’s leggings collection combines style and function, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to meeting customers’ casual and formal needs.Every Indian woman may buy trousers, palazzos, and other lounge wear from Saundarya to make Indian fashion more comfortable and accessible. One of India’s leading legging businesses, Saundarya is committed to quality and durability.Elastic, bio-washed cotton makes Saundarya’s leggings comfortable and durable. Smooth 4-way stretch fabric enhances movement and wearability. An elastic waistline is tight and comfortable. Saundarya’s attention to detail reveals its dedication to create stylish, comfortable leggings for daily wear.

6. Go Colors:

Go Colors specializes in leggings. Go Colors’ huge selection of colors and patterns makes it leggings lovers’ favorite retailer.Go Colors leggings are stretchy, durable, and affordable. Because of the brand’s focus on these factors, customers obtain gorgeous, practical, and durable leggings.Go Colors, a Chennai-based sub-brand of Go Fashion India Pvt. Ltd., is a leading ethnic Indian bottom wear brand. Our leggings expertise lets customers choose from a broad selection of chic bottoms to complement shirts and Kurtis.Go Colors leggings are 95% cotton and 5% elastane for comfort and flexibility. The mid-rise waist covers the waist for better fit and wear. Go Colors leggings are attractive at 7/8th length. Slim shape and elasticized waist make leggings practical and comfy.

7. BlissClub:

Sustainable operations set BlissClub apart in fashion. The brand’s organic leggings demonstrate comfort and sustainability. More than fashion, BlissClub leggings promote a greener wardrobe.A 2020 startup by Minu Margaret, BlissClub has transformed the Indian workout sector. The women’s sportswear company BlissClub encourages active living for all ages. Minu Margaret founded the company since she was aware that all women needed high-quality sportswear. BlissClub fills this void with workout gear for ladies.Sustainability is supported by BlissClub’s activewear. The firm makes leggings using organic textiles to fulfill customers’ comfort and performance needs and lessen fashion’s environmental impact.In a short period, BlissClub pioneered active, eco-friendly living. BlissClub promotes eco-friendly leggings with style, comfort, and sustainability. BlissClub’s quality, variety, and sustainability solidify its position in athletic and eco-friendly wear as it expands.

8. Dixcy Scott:

Innerwear and lounge-wear maker Dixcy Scott produces leggings. Comfortable and flexible, Dixcy Scott’s leggings are suitable for active and leisure activities. These leggings show the brand’s quality and utility.Indian household brand Dixcy Scott’s TV and billboard advertising have charmed consumers. The business is known for making high-quality, inexpensive hosiery for Indians. Value and comfort have made Dixcy Scott India’s leading innerwear brand.Dixcy Scott’s leggings meet its comfy, high-quality clothing aim. The leggings’ comfort and flexibility suit modern consumers’ active or leisure lifestyles. Its expansion into leggings illustrates its responsiveness to fashion trends and customer needs.By selling leggings, Dixcy Scott boosts its elegance and functionality. Dixcy Scott’s superior innerwear at modest prices strengthens the brand’s position in the Indian innerwear and loungewear business.

9. Rupa:

Famous innerwear brand Rupa makes leggings comfortable and durable. Rupa leggings effortlessly integrate the brand’s proven values into a new category, making them a comfortable and durable wardrobe necessity. Rupa leggings are carefully tailored to fit and flatter.P R, G P, and KB Agarwala started Rupa in 1985, a renowned Indian innerwear, casual, and thermal wear brand. Rupa’s various brands, Euro, Softline, Jon, Macroman, Thermocot, and Torrido, confirm its manufacturing power.Rupa’s decades of textile expertise informs legging design and manufacture. The brand’s commitment to quality materials and workmanship makes Rupa leggings stylish and durable. This focus to durability matches Rupa’s long history of providing reliable and durable garments for its diverse customer base.Rupa adds comfort and quality to leggings. Rupa’s introduction into this new industry displays its agility and adaptability while maintaining its innerwear brand identity. Consumers seeking sturdy clothes choose Rupa’s leggings.

10. Globus:

Trendy apparel brand Globus manufactures leggings. Globus’ leggings collection dresses modern Indian women in chic, unique fashions. Globus leggings mix comfort and style with trendy forms, patterns, and colors, making them a wardrobe staple.Indian retail giant Globus Stores Pvt. Ltd. was created by the Rajan Raheja Group in 1998. Due to its high-quality products, the company offers fashion-forward solutions to selective clients. Globus succeeds by adapting to fashion’s constant changes.Globus, based in Mumbai, India, efficiently offers its trendy and sophisticated items to a diverse customer base countrywide. Globus’ leggings show its devotion to being contemporary while keeping quality and comfort.Globus leggings are trendy and comfy for modern women and match numerous outfits. Globus’ leggings combine comfort and elegance, proving its commitment to contemporary trend.


In conclusion, the Indian leggings market is thriving with diversity, offering choices that cater to the varied tastes and preferences of consumers. Whether it’s the ethnic charm of Biba, the luxury of Lyra Lux, or the sustainable approach of BlissClub, each brand brings a unique flavor to the world of leggings, contributing to the evolving landscape of Indian fashion. As we navigate through 2024, these top 10 leggings brands continue to shape the trends and redefine the way women experience comfort and style in their everyday attire.

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