India is a country where the two wheelers have a lot of importance. Be it the busy streets of the city of the silent village path, a lot of people choose the cycles to cover distance. This is why, from a very early age, both and men and women develop a strong taste for quality cycles. With this mode of transportation by their side, they can cover large distance, without the worry for a lot of spending in the transportation. In India, a number of cycle companies have gained widespread recognition, when it comes to quality cycle manufacturing. We will be noting down the top 10 brands among them. If you are planning to purchase cycles anytime soon, do follow the given details.

1. La-Sovereign


Price range: Rs. 3000 to Rs. 25000+

With more than 40 years in business, La-Sovereign has been brandished as an Indian bicycle brand by companies hailing from Thailand and India. Through their hard work and innovation, La-Sovereign was synonymous with creativity and performance in producing their high-quality bicycles that met the needs of their consumers. La-Sovereign thrives on innovation. The expertise of its Thai and Indian partners is used to design and construct high-performance, reliable bikes. Strengths entail a wide range of bicycles for kids and adults at La-Sovereign, of all ages and abilities. La-Sovereign offers children’s bicycles for safe and fun riding, as well as high-performance young adult bikes. Every single bicycle is built to last. The La Sovereign City Bicycle is an elegant and robust piece of machinery. This good-looking and efficient urban commuter bike is in great demand in many cities across the nation.

2. Hero Cycles

Price range: Rs. 3000 to 135000

Hero Cycles, India’s largest bicycle manufacturer, has innovated and set standards since its establishment. Hero produces 7.5 million bicycles annually and assures quality and customer satisfaction. Hero’s modern manufacturing facilities and quality control make it successful. Hero can make high-performance, durable, and safe bikes using this infrastructure. Hero’s products are trusted in 70+ countries. Hero’s large range of models satisfies many purposes. Hero features motorcycles for everyone, including the stylish Miss India, fast Sprint, and versatile Cycle series.

3. Atlas Bicycles

Price range: Rs. 3500 to Rs. 10000+

Atlas Bicycles, created by Shri Janki Das Kapur in 1950, is a popular Indian brand. Kapur’s recognition of the necessity for accessible transportation helped Atlas become a bicycle industry leader in reliability and performance. Atlas makes bikes for all ages, democratizing riding. From the robust and entertaining Atlas Smash Pounds 20T for youngsters to strong adult models, Atlas provides options for all ages. Atlas attracts families and people because of its inclusion. Atlas bicycles’ durability and performance have captivated motorcyclists for years.

4. Hercules

Price range: Rs. 4500 to Rs. 15000

The main brand of the Murugappa Group, Hercules, enjoys a reputation for being strong and safe in the Indian bicycle market. Being known for their strength, Hercules offers options in bicycles based on quality to suit bikers. The success of Hercules depends not only on safe but also on dependable bikes. Each bike that is marketed under the Hercules name is clearly designed to be ridden well by either city commuters or professional cyclists. Hercules is the preferred choice of Indian customers for a solid and durable bicycle due to its quality with an eye to fine details. The twenty-one-speed bikes by Hercules Ryder Contour are fast and hardy. This flexible model has lots of superb features that allow it to be comfortable to ride in almost all sorts of terrains because of its ergonomic model.

5. Avon Cycles

Price range: Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20000

The Indian bicycle brand Avon Cycles was founded in 1948. Punjab’s enterprising Pahwa brothers developed Avon to produce bike seats and brakes. However, increased demand led the company to transition to bicycle manufacturing in 1951. This method made Avon a national brand. Since its beginning, Avon has offered excellence at low prices. This idea makes Avon reliable and valuable. Due to its economical, high-quality products, the brand has millions of admirers. Avon’s 200 product varieties show its commitment to diverse needs.

6. BSA Ladybird

Price range: 7500 to 12650

In India, women-only bicycle brand BSA Ladybird has excelled by blending beauty and utility. BSA Ladybird bicycles are popular with women countrywide because they suit their needs with elegance, comfort, and convenience. BSA Ladybird bikes are elegant. From antique cruisers to urban commuters, BSA Ladybird offers styles for everyone. These stylish bikes show the brand’s commitment to modern women. BSA Ladybird bikes are elegant and ergonomically intended for comfort. Every BSA Ladybird bicycle has adjustable seats, handlebars, and lightweight frames to promote riding comfort, particularly on long trips.

7. Firefox Bikes

Price range: Rs. 8000 to Rs. 100000

Firefox Bikes has been a leading bicycle brand in India since 2005, attracting cycling enthusiasts. Firefox pioneered premium cycling products thanks to Hero Cycles’ acquisition and commitment to quality and innovation. Firefox’s success stems from creating high-quality bikes for discerning cyclists. Firefox makes attractive, functional products for urban mobility and simplicity. The Firefox Flip Flop hybrid, the company’s emblem, improves cycling with cutting-edge technology and beautiful design. Firefox’s success is largely due to its relentless pursuit of product and design excellence. Hero Cycles’ resources and skills helped Firefox revolutionize the riding experience. Firefox is loved among performance and craftsmanship aficionados for its ingenuity.

8. Mach City

Price range: Rs. 9630 to Rs. 15520

Mach City has grown rapidly in the Indian bicycle business, particularly among urban riders. Mach City bikes, intended for city commuting, are the finest for daily travels due to their comfort, efficiency, and style. Mach City thrives by understanding urbanites’ needs. Mach City bicycles make getting around congested cities enjoyable and simple. Mach City bicycles are simple to ride on busy city streets because to their lightweight frames, ergonomic handlebars, and smooth-rolling tires. Mach City’s W Single Speed is stylish and functional. Ride the sleek, uncomplicated W Single Speed for street flair and pleasure. The single-speed gearbox makes this model ideal for urban commuters who desire a reliable, low-maintenance ride.

9. Montra Cycles

Price range: 15000 to Rs. 56000

The famous Indian bicycle maker Montra has pushed overseas competitors by setting new quality and pricing standards. By concentrating on innovation and consumer satisfaction, Montra has become a leading Indian bicycle company that offers high performance and comfort at low prices. Indian industry benefited from Montra’s carbon frame bikes. With cutting-edge technology and materials, Montra has revolutionized cycling with lightweight, responsive rides that excel in performance and comfort. This development strengthened Montra’s position as an Indian cycling leader. Montra’s commitment to alternative riding styles has boosted its market share. Montra includes mountain bike and casual models. Montra bikes are trustworthy on every terrain, from urban streets to rugged treks. Montra’s price makes superb riding affordable.

10. Trek Cycles

Price range: Rs. 31000 to 3 Lakh

Trek Cycles’ fashionable bikes and accessories have made it popular in India. Trek’s 1976 founding established the standard for cycling innovation and quality. The brand’s diverse product line, for recreational riders to professional athletes, displays its devotion. Trek thrives through innovation. Trek sets the standard for cycling technology and design with unique features that enhance riding. Trek’s aerodynamic road bike frames and mountain bike suspension systems maximize performance and comfort. Trek supports varied riding styles with their products. Trek features bikes for every cyclist, from sturdy mountain bikes on tough trails to fast road bikes.


The aforementioned cycles brands over their products that are truly worthy of appreciation in every possible manner. Not only that the cycles from these brands offer quality and longevity both, but also that they come in fabulous presentations, in different colors and presentations. In 2024, these brands have truly captured the attention of the people and in coming days also.

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