Top 10 Popular Men’s Underwear Brands in India

One of the must have clothing accessories that a man should have in his closet are the underwears. No matter whatever clothes he wears which being on public, it is the underwear that he must put on before everything. This is why he should always opt for an underwear that is of good quality. Cheap quality underwear can only cause a lot of uneasiness, discomfort and last very less. Choosing the right underwear means having a comfortable day outside for a long time. Here we will list the list of the best Men’s underwear brands that offer comfort and quality both.

1. Levi’s:


Founded: 1853

Levi’s seamlessly transitions from denim to men’s innerwear. Levi’s underwear is comfortable, durable, and stylish. Levi uses carefully selected materials for innerwear. Soft, breathable quality cotton makes each outfit comfortable all day. Levi’s underwear fits nicely and flows with you thanks to spandex, providing you style and mobility. Levi’s innerwear includes bright branding for a trendy style. Each Levi’s garment exudes confidence and flare, whether it boasts the waistband logo or subtle branding. Levi’s vast range of styles pleases many. For each occasion, Levi’s offers trunks, briefs, and boxer briefs. Levi’s makes it possible to express oneself with modest or flamboyant style.

2. Jockey:

Founded: 1876

Jockey is the men’s innerwear champion with decades of comfort. As the ultimate comfort expert, Jockey establishes quality and design standards. Jockey’s many styles suit Indian males. Briefs or boxers, Jockey has the correct fit for everyone. Each Jockey garment is painstakingly constructed for premium comfort and style. Jockey innerwear has innovative technology that enhances wearability. StayDry technology keeps men dry all day, changing their comfort. This innovative function makes Jockey a trusted choice for Indian men seeking better innerwear comfort. Generations of Indian men love Jockey’s timeless appeal. Jockey’s innerwear works for casual excursions and hard exercises. Overall, Jockey’s comfort and innovation make it the best men’s underwear. Jockey thinks comfort is a lifestyle, making every man feel confident and comfortable.

3. Van Heusen:

Founded: 1881

Elegant Van Heusen improves innerwear. With its quality and craftsmanship, Van Heusen redefines men’s underwear. High-quality materials and striking designs draw customers to Van Heusen. From briefs to trunks, Van Heusen’s excellence shines. The company meticulously stitches every thread, making luxurious apparel that looks beautiful and feels amazing. Van Heusen’s innerwear is chic and ageless. Van Heusen’s innerwear enhances every attire, formal or casual. Timeless designs from the brand keep you looking confident and classy. At Van Heusen, quality extends beyond looks to encompass functionality. Each comfortable, supportive clothing lets you confidently go about your day. At work and the gym, Van Heusen’s innerwear is stylish and comfy.

4. Marks & Spencer:

Founded: 1884

Men’s Marks & Spencer innerwear is elegant and high-quality. Marks & Spencer is a luxury and comfort brand with rich materials and rigorous attention to detail. From briefs to boxers, M&S provides several designs. The brand’s craftsmanship is evident in every piece. Marks & Spencer underwear is stylish and comfortable. Each piece is designed for maximum comfort and style. You may go about your daily routine or relax at home in style with Marks & Spencer. M&S goes beyond fabric selection to garment construction to ensure quality. Each stitch is accurate and fortified for resilience, ensuring longevity. Marks & Spencer’s men’s underwear is chic. The smart man who loves comfort and classic style will like it.

5. U S Polo:

Founded: 1890

US POLO’s elegant, comfortable men’s underwear is contemporary and classy. US POLO is the brand for stylish, comfortable men who follow trends and value quality. US POLO’s meticulous craftsmanship ensures that every piece can withstand daily use. Reinforced seams and durable materials keep US POLO’s innerwear intact after several washings. US POLO’s innerwear satisfies modern men’s diverse needs. US POLO offers classic briefs and trendy trunks for everyone. Each design is tailored for maximum comfort and support, keeping you confident all day. From the workplace to a night out with friends, US POLO innerwear is versatile.

6. Adidas:

Founded: 1920

Adidas, famed for its agility and ingenuity, creates innovative men’s innerwear with current technologies. Adidas innerwear is comfortable and performs for active guys. Adidas’ moisture-wicking innerwear keeps you cool and dry throughout intense workouts. These innovative fabrics keep you cool and dry no matter how strenuous your exercise. Adidas innovates beyond functionality into style. Bright designs and conventional stripes in the brand’s innerwear collection appeal to modern guys. From daring to humble, Adidas has it all. Adidas makes its innerwear with the same care and quality that has made it a sportswear leader.

7. Rupa

Founded: 1949

Rupa is a popular Indian brand of inexpensive, comfortable innerwear founded in 1949. This firm has sold underwear for men, women, and children to households nationwide for over 70 years. Product diversity is Rupa’s strength. The company produces cotton briefs and vests for men and patterned panties and bras for ladies. Rupa is a family innerwear store with soft children’s underwear. Rupa uses cotton and mixes for comfort. It’s perfect for India and all-day comfortable. For durable underwear, the firm maintains tight production criteria. Rupa boasts affordability. The brand’s pricing attract budget-conscious buyers. The Indian innerwear leader is noted for price, comfort, and quality. Rupa sells beyond underwear. It offers casual, exercise, sleep, and loungewear for a variety of lifestyles.

8. Playboy

Founded: 1953

Playboy men’s underwear is stylish, comfortable, and confident for modern guys. Due to superior fabrics and expert workmanship, Playboy underwear offers unsurpassed comfort and support for every condition. Briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks from Playboy suit every taste and lifestyle. Guys who want the best should use Playboy underwear since each type is comfortable and mobile. Playboy underpants style and sophistication go beyond functionality. Men may express themselves with these underwear’s bold colors, intriguing designs, and Playboy insignia. Playboy men’s underwear boosts confidence and makes a statement. Playboy underwear is comfortable, stylish, and well-made for the modern man who wants to appear and feel his best.

9. Calvin Klein:

Founded: 1968

Calvin Klein is recognized worldwide for its elegant, sensuous underwear with modern elegance. Calvin Klein pioneered premium men’s innerwear with its inventive and elegant heritage. Calvin Klein’s appeal is quality and craftsmanship. Using the best fabrics, each outfit is a pleasure to wear. Microfiber’s silkiness and modal’s plushness provide Calvin Klein’s fabrics unequaled comfort and refinement. Calvin Klein waistbands elevate every ensemble. Calvin Klein’s traditional style is reflected in these tight waistbands. Calvin Klein’s innerwear fits modern men’s diverse needs. Briefs to boxer briefs, Calvin Klein provides styles for every occasion and taste. Each style reflects the brand’s sophistication and sensuality, letting you feel chic wherever.

10. FCUK:

Founded: 1972

FCUK’s bold patterns and high-quality materials reinvent innerwear, establishing identity and style. FCUK manufactures stylish, comfy men’s underwear with innovation and quality. FCUK’s specialty is comfortable, stylish luxury fabrics. Soft cotton and stretchy spandex are used for comfort and flexibility for everyday movement. FCUK innerwear boosts confidence and comfort at home and out. FCUK’s logo adds style to every ensemble, appealing to fashionistas. The powerful logos and subtle branding on FCUK’s innerwear provide males who want to stand out confidence and attitude. FCUK’s innerwear range has several options for busy guys. FCUK offers briefs and boxers for every occasion. Each design is brand-specific, making you stand out.


In a nutshell it can be mentioned that the use of underwear accessories are parts and parcels to those who have to spend time for a number of reasons, jobs, entertainment works, labour works and so on. The underwear brands saves the intimate parts of men from sweating, feeling discomfort ets. Also, these underwear items are quite fashionable. So the brands make a balance between quality and fashion.

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