Top 10 Popular Pizza Brands In India

The popularity of Pizza is huge in different parts of India. The deliciousness that this food item offers attracts so many people around the country. It is that kind of quick meal that is possible to relish at any point of day. Be it for the vegetarians or the meat eaters, pizzas have a lot to offer at every respect. Then there are a lot of pan crust varieties. Presently in India a number of pizza companies have emerged. Then again, a number of foreign pizza making companies have come up in India also. Here we will be talking about the top 10 leading and most famous pizza brands in India for the year 2024 now.

1. Domino’s Pizza:

Domino’s Pizza

Known internationally, Domino’s Pizza is an Indian staple. Domino’s produces great, quick pizza with 30-minute delivery. Domino’s has approximately 60% of India’s pizza market. Domino’s is a leading pizza delivery and takeout franchise. Domino’s reputation is founded on delivering hot, fresh, and tasty pizzas to loyal customers. Their pizza menu has everything from Margheritas to personalized toppings. Domino’s has hand-tossed, wheat-thin, cheese burst, fresh-pan, and other pizza crusts. Pizza, spaghetti, Choco Lava, and ice cream are provided. Domino’s has built a dining experience beyond pizza. Its 30-minute delivery makes it India’s #1 pizza brand. Their blog lists vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to assist customers order. Domino’s leads by delivering pizzas swiftly and adapting to Indian preferences.

2. Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut, an Indian pizza pioneer, continues to wow fans with its inventive alternatives. From hand-tossed to filled dough, Pizza Hut’s quality ingredients and tempting flavors have made it a pizza industry standard. Over decades, Pizza Hut has established a global brand of quality. Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 in the US and has expanded to numerous nations, including renowned Indian food. This worldwide pizza chain is known for its meticulously created vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu. In addition to pizzas, Pizza Hut serves spaghetti, appetizers, and desserts. Pizza Hut has a vast menu and distinctive dining experience. Pleasure and gluttony are connected with red-roofed restaurants. Pizza Hut delivers scrumptious goodies to consumers’ doorsteps quickly. Pizza Hut thrives in India’s diverse cuisine. One of the nation’s best pizza businesses, it makes unique pizzas with packed dough and specialty toppings. This creation combines tradition and innovation to satisfy pizza enthusiasts.

3. La Pinoz Pizza:

La Pinoz Pizza

La Pinoz Pizza is a local favorite in India. Due to its large pizzas and diversity of toppings, La Pinoz has prospered in the diverse Indian pizza market. La Pinoz is known for its large portions and high-quality ingredients. La Pinoz Pizza, an Indian pizza business, became known for its tasty and variety pies. Its unique pizza combinations have made it popular. La Pinoz stands out for its vast menu, diversity of toppings, and commitment to quality ingredients. Classic and specialty pizzas are available at La Pinoz to suit diverse preferences. For a full dinner, this neighborhood pizzeria provides mocktails and desserts. The pizzeria’s broad menu and tasty pizza make it successful. India’s favorite pizza location, La Pinoz Pizza, offers a variety of varieties. La Pinoz’s pizza is a must-try in India for its taste, distinct flavor, and affordability.

4. Oven Story Pizza:

Oven Story Pizza

Gourmet pizzas from Oven Story Pizza are noted for their unique tastes and high-quality ingredients. Due to its distinctive flair and devotion to great pizza, the company has won awards and attracted loyal consumers. Oven Story Pizza invented unique gourmet pizza tastes. Oven Story, an Indian pizza chain, is unusual and excellent. The company promotes widely to reach a large audience. Many Oven Story pizzas have contemporary toppings and crusts. With pizza, the company offers Potato Tikki’s and Mozzarella Sticks. With veggie, poultry, and paneer toppings, Oven Story Pizza is inclusive. These qualities make Oven Story India’s top pizza brand. Due to its carefully selected ingredients and unique sauce mix, Oven Story’s pizzas are delicious. Oven Story is increasing in popularity among Indian pizza aficionados due to its thorough attention to each pizza. Each slice tastes fantastic, meeting the brand’s goal to make pizza memorable.

5. Mojo Pizza:

Mojo Pizza

Mojo Pizza’s vivid flavors and inventive toppings transform pizza. Mojo Pizza, famed for its 10-inch party pizzas, promotes sharing delicious, liberally topped pizzas to foster community. Mojo Pizza, a prominent pizza delivery business, makes amazing pizzas. Mojo Pizza from India makes creative pizzas. The company is famous in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune for its pizzas. Fresh, soft bases, big, rich toppings, and a range of high-quality flavors define Mojo Pizza. By letting customers personalize pizzas, Mojo Pizza stands apart. Pizza enthusiasts may customize their meals with several toppings and sauces. This innovative approach has earned Mojo Pizza one of India’s top pizza companies, offering a personalized tour of pizza’s world.

6. Papa John’s:

Papa John’s

Papa John’s “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.” idea has taken root in India. The brand stands out for its fresh, high-quality ingredients. Pizza from Papa John is popular due to its vast selection and customisation. The world’s largest pizza business, Papa John’s, with over 5,100 stores and dedicated customers. Our devotion to seasonal, high-quality ingredients has built our brand. Papa John’s slogan is “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” emphasizing premium toppings, fresh dough, and a distinctive sauce. Papa John’s pizza is cheap and good with a burnt-on-charm crust with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. Papa John’s, India’s #1 pizza chain, has amazing service, low prices, and tasty pies. Perfect ingredients and customer experience are the brand’s goal. Customers love classic and custom pizzas.

7. Eatfit Pizza:

Eatfit revitalizes pizza with nutritious ingredients. Fitness fanatics and health-conscious foodies may enjoy guilt-free pizza from Eatfit Pizza. It motivates health-conscious pizza lovers. Health-conscious pizza fans like Eatfit Pizza. This company makes nutritious pizzas in India. Eatfit’s diet-friendly pizzas contain whole wheat crusts, fresh vegetables, lean meats, and low-fat cheese. The brand’s cuisine targets fitness-conscious comfort food fans. Eatfit Pizza, India’s first health-conscious multigrain pizza brand, stands apart. The brand makes tasty, nutritious pizza. Eatfit Pizza shows that pizza can be healthy and fun. Eating Fit Pizza is a conscious decision to eat healthily without losing comfort food. Eatfit Pizza pioneered health-conscious pizza, attracting a growing audience seeking fitness-focused food.

8. Chicago Pizza:

Chicago Pizza

Chicago Pizza wants to bring its deep-dish pizza to India. Famous for its dough and authenticity, the brand is a pizza classic. Chicago Pizza is a newcomer to India’s top pizza businesses, serving thick, tasty pizza. Chicago Pizza has introduced its robust taste to India from Illinois. This pizza joint has a huge vegetarian and meat menu. Chicago Pizza’s deep-dish or packed crust tastes like pie. This crust’s ingredients may be inverted, giving it a unique flavor. Chicago Pizza reinvents pizza with cheese, toppings, and rich tomato sauce. The brand enthusiastically endorses pizza by the slice. Chicago Pizza, India’s largest and most exclusive pizza takeaway chain, won the Hindustan Times’ Best Pizza Award with over 100 locations and ambitious growth plans.

9. Smokin Joe’s:

Smokin Joe’s

Smokin Joe’s spicy pizzas are popular in Maharashtra. A unique menu and local preferences have helped this pizza place prosper. Smokin Joe’s, India’s leading pizza brand, offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that fans enjoy. After starting in Mumbai, Smokin Joe’s services all 12 major Indian cities. The firm is known for its extensive pizza menu with many tastes and toppings. Locally famous Smokin Joe’s pizzas had fiery tastes and garden-fresh toppings. Besides pizzas, Smokin Joe’s provides grilled sandwiches, garlic bread, salads, desserts, and beverages. Smokin Joe’s entire approach to addressing diverse wants makes it famous in Indian pizza.

10. Taco Bell:

Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Mexican-inspired pizzas make it distinctive. Taco Bell, famed for its unique flavors and textures, has seamlessly added pizza variations to its menu, providing consumers a new and fascinating pizza experience. Bangalore’s Mantri Square shopping complex hosted Yum!’s first Taco Bell. Taco Bell is known for Tex-Mex but seldom provides pizza. Taco Bell stands out from other fast-food franchises with its excellent tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. Taco Bell may not specialize in pizza, but it offers a distinct Mexican-inspired fast-food choice. Mexican Pizza is back in style. Seasoned beef and refried beans are topped with pizza sauce, three cheeses, and chopped tomatoes on two fried flour tortillas. Although not the finest pizza, Taco Bell features several Mexican-inspired options. Taco Bell’s specialties like Mexican Pizza show its commitment to variety.


Thanks to the presence of these leading brands, one such Indian pizza landscape is exciting, colourful and constantly changing. Each brand carries its quirk with flavours it offers, innovation on display, adherence to quality standards towards contributing to a growing love between Indians and their favourite pizzas. These varieties and perfections in taste are well researched. Therefore, for the Pizza lovers, there are a lot on their plats as options. Making the right choice for the best pizza can actually make a difference here.

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