Top 10 Popular Plywood Brands in India

India’s plywood sector is a vital contributor to the economy, fostering employment and bolstering construction, furniture, and packaging industries. With a market value of INR 208.5 Billion in FY 2022-23, India ranks among the world’s top plywood producers. Anticipated to grow at a 6.74% CAGR from FY 2023-2024 to FY 2028-29, factors include the escalating demand for housing and infrastructure due to urbanization, a preference for premium plywood, expanding distribution networks leveraging e-commerce, a focus on innovation and sustainability by manufacturers, and supportive government initiatives. Despite challenges like raw material availability and competition from alternatives, the industry is poised for sustained growth.

Indian builders and interior designers utilize plywood for many applications. Choose the correct plywood brand for furniture, cabinets, flooring, and wall panels to ensure longevity, quality, and safety. India’s plywood sector is competitive in 2023, with several leading brands. This article discusses India’s top 10 plywood brands:


1. Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.

Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. is a known and leading plywood brand in India. The company, founded in 1986, has always prioritized quality and innovation. Century Ply’s long heritage, eco-friendliness, and wide range of plywood products are examined in this article. Through dedication to excellence, the organization has established itself over the decades. Century Ply has survived and thrived, adjusting to market changes and becoming a trusted brand.

In addition to plywood, Century Ply offers other products. With laminates, veneers, and other ornamental options, the company’s range is versatile and attractive. Century Ply is a one-stop shop for residential and commercial construction due to its wide product selection. The company prioritizes responsible sourcing and green manufacturing. Sustainability helps the environment and appeals to green construction material buyers. Century Ply follows international environmental requirements to promote eco-friendliness. Century Ply products match projects with sustainability, so customers can choose responsibly.

  • Address: P15/1, Taratala Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, Pincode – 700088
  • Phone Number: 18005722122

2. Greenply Industries Ltd.

Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. and Greenply Industries Ltd. are major players in the Indian plywood sector. Greenply, founded in 1993, is known for producing high-quality plywood. Greenply’s past, products, and customer-centric attitude are examined here.

Greenply Industries Ltd. founded in 1993 and became known for high-quality plywood. The company is known for its high-quality, customer-focused products. Greenply’s success has come from its quality-focused approach.

Greenply is known for its inventiveness. Innovation in plywood solutions to fulfill industry requirements is the company’s goal. Boiling Water Proof (BWP) and Moisture Resistant (MR) plywood demonstrate their dedication to providing high-performance plywood. Interior designers and architects like Greenply’s durability and reliability, as do homeowners.

3. Kitply Industries Ltd.

Kitply Industries Ltd. is another Indian plywood legend. Since 1982, the company has provided high-quality plywood, blockboards, and decorative veneers. Kitply has devoted customers because to its sustainable forestry and conscientious sourcing. Learn why Kitply dominates the plywood business.

Kitply Industries Ltd. has earned client trust for nearly four decades. The company’s longevity is due to its quality products and ethical methods. Builders, interior designers, and homeowners trust Kitply for plywood. Kitply’s commitment to sustainable forestry is notable. The company sources wood responsibly to minimize its environmental impact. Consumers who choose eco-friendly building materials appreciate this commitment to sustainability.

Kitply Industries Ltd. produces specialty plywood products for residential and commercial construction. Kitply supplies internal MR grade plywood and exterior BWR grade plywood for any requirement. Kitply is popular for construction and interior design projects due to its versatility and product variety.

4. Sharon Plywoods

Since 1987, Sharon Plywoods has been known for its creativity and excellence. Customers’ changing needs have driven the company’s product and technology launches. Sharon Plywoods’ wide range of marine plywood, decorative veneers, and laminates shows their dedication to innovation.

Sharon Plywoods’ vast range of plywood products makes it ideal for household and commercial projects. Their marine plywood is durable in humid settings, while their ornamental veneers and laminates offer refinement to interiors. This wide selection of products makes Sharon Plywoods a plywood industry solution provider.

5. SRG Ply & Boards

Although SRG Ply & Boards is new to the plywood sector, company has swiftly established itself by focusing quality and client happiness. Since 2015, the company has been known for its MR and BWR plywood. At SRG Ply & Boards, we aim to deliver sturdy and inexpensive solutions for Indian building and interior design.

While new to the plywood market, SRG Ply & Boards has shown a strong commitment to quality. The company prioritizes quality control to ensure its plywood satisfies strict strength and durability criteria. Customers seeking trustworthy and economical plywood solutions appreciate this commitment to excellence.

6. Archidply Industries Ltd.

 Archidply Industries Ltd. has been a trusted plywood manufacturer since 1976. The company has maintained its tradition and expanded its product line to include several wood-based solutions over the years. Consumers in India choose Archidply for its customer accessibility, well-established distribution network, and customer-centric attitude.

Archidply’s journey, product range, and commitment to meeting Indian consumers’ different demands are covered in this article. Archidply makes more than plywood. The corporation has added laminates, veneers, and particle boards throughout time. This diversification shows Archidply’s dedication to providing comprehensive wood-based solutions for the Indian market’s changing needs.

Archidply Industries Ltd. has invested much in India’s distribution network. This strategy makes their products accessible to urban and rural clients. Builders, contractors, and consumers may easily obtain Archidply’s wood-based solutions through its broad network, making it a top choice for projects of all sizes.

7. Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd

Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd. has been a staple of the Indian plywood industry since 1957. Moisture Resistant (MR) and Boiling Water Proof (BWP) plywood are the company’s specialty. Durability and strength make Sarda Plywood’s products ideal for many applications. Builders and homeowners in India use Sarda Plywood for its decades of experience and quality.

Sarda Plywood products are known for their durability and strength. Builders and contractors trust Sarda Plywood for structural integrity and durability. Sarda Plywood’s quality and reliability earn this trust.

Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd. prioritizes quality and follows international standards. This commitment ensures that their products satisfy the highest quality standards for residential and commercial projects.

8. National Plywood Industries Ltd

Over four decades, National Plywood Industries Ltd. has been a plywood industry staple. Due to its wide selection of plywood goods, including decorative veneers, laminates, and blockboards, the company is trusted. National Plywood is known for its strict quality control, ensuring its products exceed the highest standards.

Trusted Name National Plywood Industries Ltd. has been a staple in the Indian plywood sector since its founding in the 1970s. Its high-quality plywood products have earned the trust of builders, architects, and homeowners for years.

National Plywood stands out in the plywood business with its extensive product line. The company sells plywood, decorative veneers, laminates, and block-boards. This extensive range makes National Plywood a one-stop construction and interior design solution.

9. Allied Plywood Industries

Allied Plywood Industries makes MR and BWR plywood in Kolkata. The company uses cutting-edge technology and methods to make high-quality plywood. Customer service and product reliability make Allied Plywood one of India’s top plywood brands.

In bustling Kolkata, Allied Plywood Industries excels. Advanced technology and sophisticated manufacturing methods distinguish the plywood manufacturer. Their high-grade plywood products reflect their ingenuity and quality.

10.  Rushil Decor Ltd.

Rushil Decor Ltd., from Gujarat, is known for its eco-friendly plywood products. Rushil Decor, founded in 1993, sells plywood, decorative veneers, laminates, and block boards. Increased demand for eco-friendly building materials meets the company’s sustainability and ethical sourcing goals.

Rushil Decor Ltd.’s creativity and sustainability set it unique in plywood. R&D helps us create sustainable, client-focused solutions. Rushil Decor’s eco-friendly building materials reflect consumer tastes.

In addition to plywood, Rushil Decor sells decorative veneers, laminates, and block boards. This variety lets consumers choose the right material for their construction and interior design projects while being environmentally friendly.


India’s plywood sector thrives in 2023 with a competitive market and dependable brands. These top 10 plywood brands have earned their reputation through years of quality, innovation, and customer happiness. From these reputable brands, builders, interior designers, and homeowners may get high-quality plywood items for building and interior design. To choose durable and safe plywood for your next project, check out these respected brands.

Plywood FAQs

Q. While buying the plywood how can you be sure that it was sources with sustainable process?

Ans: It is a quite difficult question. One needs to look at the different brands. There are some brands that claim to follow sustainable practices in plywood sourcing. Those who really follow the process follow certifications such as PEFC or FSC. These certifications offer the assurance of responsible forest management. Other than this, you can also make some searches regarding the specific wood specific used in the process. You can find out if the species of wood is under threat of extinction or not. If you can make these searches then you can make sure to a great extent that the plywood bought has come from sustainable means.

Q. The formaldehyde emission levels of plywood are different, so how the air quality inside your house gets affected by that?

Ans: A typical plywood binder, formaldehyde may cause respiratory issues in large doses. India needs emission standards like BIS IS 12600 and IS 12324. These standards specify formaldehyde emissions as E1 (minimum), E2, and E3. E1 certification aids health-sensitive families and schools. However, certain plywood brands may not disclose emissions. Find thorough product data sheets and certifications like CARB Phase 2 (California Air Resources Board), which regulates formaldehyde, for optimal indoor air quality. Consumers may pick plywood products for various health and safety needs by studying such documentation.

Q. Can you make any differentiation of your different grades of plywood?

Ans: Grades are crucial when selecting plywood for any task. Various plywood grades have various qualities for different purposes. For modest indoor wetness, use moisture-resistant plywood. It operates in humid settings without long-term water exposure. BWR plywood can withstand prolonged wetness and boiling water. This grade is appropriate for humid, water-exposed kitchens and bathrooms. Marine-grade plywood is suitable for moisture-resistant applications. Marine-grade plywood withstands harsh weather and water contact. Quality of glue, core structure, and veneer thickness determine grade performance. Therefore, consult specialists and evaluate technology before choosing.

Q. Is there any way to identify the plywood that is counterfeit?

Ans: The lower grades of plywood can affect the structural soundness and safety. Look for recognized brand logos and marking on every sheet. Check for the correct thickness. If the price sounds too good to be true, it could be. Check for certification mark by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and product information booklet. Buy only from genuine and properly documented authorised dealers. If not sure, one can commission a fully qualified inspector for a checking exercise.

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