Top 10 Popular CPVC Pipe Brands in India

See, back in the day, people in India were just used to using the good old iron pipes for plumbing needs. And yeah, that changed in the last few decades or so, but why exactly? Well, you see, iron pipes were good for durability and all that stuff, but not quite useful when it comes to corrosion resistance. That’s when the pipe companies introduced this new thing, which we now know as PVC pipes and CPVC pipes are nothing else but the more stable polymer version of the good old PVC pipes. Since CPVC pipes have been introduced into the plumbing scene of the country, it literally revolutionized everything in this particular niche. So much so that now when a usual construction is going on in the country, people only consider trusted CPVC pipes over any other piping option.

But there is one thing kinda confusing though, see, when it comes to buying CPVC pipes, you may find yourself a little confused. That’s because there are literally so many brands that offer CPVC pipes in the Indian market. But worry not, we are here to help you out with our thorough and most in-depth list of the top 10 reputed CPVC pipe brands in India. So yeah, if you are here just for that, then simply keep on reading, and you won’t regret it, at all. Here we go.

1. Supreme Industries


Back in 1942, Supreme Industries set the ball rolling aka they got into the business. Now, they’re not just any company; they’re a big name in the world of plastics. The boss, Mr. M. P. Taparia, has led them to make all sorts of things, not just CPVC pipes though! They make cool stuff like storage crates, comfy chairs, and even disposable containers.

Since they’re super serious about quality, and yeah, they’re not charging that much compared to other brands on this list. That’s why they’re one of the go-to brands in India for CPVC pipes!

2. Ashirvad Pipes

Ashirvad Pipes

Now, let’s talk about trust, and when we do, Ashirvad Pipes jumps right into the conversation. Starting its journey in 1998, thanks to the Poddars, it’s now a name everyone associates with top-notch PVC and CPVC pipes in the country.

As of now, they are so big that they can pump out over 100,000 metric tons of products every year in the Indian market! Now, here’s an exciting twist though. In 2013, a partnership with Aliaxis happened, and by 2018, Aliaxis had full ownership. It’s clear that Aliaxis sees big things for India. With leaders like Pawan Poddar and now, Deepak Mehrotra, and Sunil Banthiya, this brand is soaring high in the skies of plumbing solutions in the country.

3. Finolex


Alright, now let’s step into the past, 1958, to be precise. That’s when two visionaries, P. P. Chhabria and K. P. Chhabria, gave birth to the Finolex Group right here in Pune. And oh boy, has it grown! As of now, they have branches like the Cables, Industries, J-Power Systems, and Plasson Industries.

And when we talk about their financials, they’ve pulled in revenue of a whopping ₹4,518.43 crore. But let’s zero in on their one superstar, we are talking about none other than Finolex Cables Limited. Operating out of Mumbai and led by Deepak Chhabria, they’re not just about cables though. All in all, adaptable, future-focused, and driven by a legacy, Finolex sure stands tall among India’s CPVC Pipe leaders.

4. Astral Pipes

Astral Pipes

Did you know Astral started its journey in Ahmedabad? And it’s come a long way since 1996, that’s for sure. Sandeep Engineer kicked things off with industrial CPVC pipes. But, in just three years, they saw the plumbing world was the place to be. Back then, the CPVC pipes were becoming more like a trend, edging out the older Iron pipes.

By 2004, Astral was branching out with all sorts of pipes, even getting into the fire sprinkler systems scene in the country. And they also went public in 2007. Got into farming with PVC pipes in 2013. And by 2016 they started making their own CPVC pipes in Gujarat. Do you even remember their viral ad from 2017? It tackled big issues in India. Today, Astral’s all over the place, from Gujarat to Odisha, making pipes and tanks. As per news, Astral Ltd has become the first company in India to get a special certification for their CPVC pipe fittings used in automatic sprinkler fire systems.

5. Prince Pipes

Prince Pipes

See, Prince Pipes started in 1987. And boy, have they made a name for themselves. They grabbed the “Brand of the Year” award in the Pipes department in 2021. They even made it to the Fortune India 500 list that same year. And the awards keep coming!

Their Jaipur unit got a GOLD medal in 2021. They’re not just about awards, though. Their products also range from plumbing systems to water tanks. With factories in places like Haridwar and Chennai, they promise top quality always, no matter what. And in 2020, they even dived into water storage. Why, though? Well, to simply help solve India’s water challenges, because a lot of us feel the pinch.

6. Apollo Pipes

As you may already know, Apollo’s been in the game for over 35 years. And they sure know their pipes. From plumbing to bath fittings, they’ve got it. They’re always looking ahead, building strong networks all over India. And talking about their products, they’ve literally got something for everyone, be it for farming or for homes. That’s not it though, they’re now into bathroom fittings too, so your space can look a bit more stylish.

Apollo dreams big. They aim to be world leaders in plastic pipes. They also care about our planet, focusing on sustainable energy. With factories from Dadri to Raipur, they’re making products for everyone, city folks and village folks alike.

7. Jains Irrigation Systems

Jains Irrigation Systems

And here we have Jains Irrigation Systems on the seventh spot of this list today! Well, they’re big, real big actually. Coming from Jalgaon and started in 1986 by Bhavarlal Jain, this company’s journey has really been an inspiring one though. Whether it is the water and agriculture or the food industry, they’ve touched almost every sector.

And talking about their products, they’ve got a vast range, from irrigation systems to solar power solutions, and even delicious mango pulps. Yes, they once bought a part of Parle-Bisleri, making them a top player in fruit processing. Their motto “More Crop Per Drop” isn’t just words, it’s exactly what they do. It speaks of saving water and making farming smarter.

8. Vectus Industries Limited

Vectus Industries Limited

Then there is Vectus, a big player in the world of water storage and pipes. All thanks to Mr. Ashish Baheti and Mr. Atul Ladha, what started in Noida has now reached almost every corner of India. Back in the day, two companies, Ganga and Waterwell, combined their strengths in 2004. And today, their product list is broader than you think it is! They make everything from simple pipes to complex water storage tanks.

They even got Bollywood’s Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan as their brand ambassadors. Not just that, they’re ISO 9001:2015 certified! And not to forget, in 2019 they introduced top-tier European water tanks in India. That was kind of a big move with a big impact!

9. Skipper Pipes Limited

Back in 1981, a company called Skipper Limited started its journey. And as of now, it’s a big name worldwide! They have their main office in Kolkata and are a proud part of the SK Bansal Group. Currently, people know them for their top-notch products in power and pipes. They’ve spread their wings to over forty countries, literally, from South America to Australia, and their name shines.

And talking about their pipes? Oh, they’re just top-class! “Skipper Pipes” is their brand, and they make the best pipes for all kinds of jobs like farming, plumbing, sewage, you name it! These pipes last long and are top quality. They’re making them using the latest tech out there.

10. Ajay Pipes

Last on the list is Ajay Pipes, another huge CPVC pipe brand that has been doing quite well in the country recently. They’re big in the plumbing world though. For years, they’ve given us the best plumbing stuff. They make a bunch of things like PVC pipes, water systems, and more. The best part is that their things last long, work well, and won’t empty your wallet.

They’ve even worked with big names from around the world. Why, though? Well, simply to bring us (the customers) new and better products. Their list of items is kinda long! From CPVC pipes to end caps, they have it all. They’re based in Delhi but trust us, their products are literally everywhere in India.


There you have it. This is by far the most thorough and in-depth post on the topic of the best CPVC pipe brands in India. So whether you are just a regular buyer looking forward to buying some piping for your construction or plumbing needs, or it could be that you are an eager investor going through these top 10 brands looking forward to investing in this particular segment of the market. We hope that our today’s post has provided you with some valuable insights into this whole CPVC pipe scene of the country.


Q1. Chlorine Resistance is a very important matter for the CPVC pipes, how are you sure that your pipes have this trait? Are you sure these pipes are proper for hot water use for a long time?

Ans: It is true that chlorine resistance is a claim made by all the CPVC pipes. However, when it comes to performance, variations can be traced. So when you are trying to choose the best one, go for the pipes that have the better quality than the Indian standards (IS 15778). They should also have the independent certifications, such as NSF International. It is essential in case of specific applications. Also search about the mention of chlorine content rating as well as the pressure temperature rating. These ratings are essential when it comes to hot water usages. When you get the data then you need to make the comparisons and come up with the choices.

Q2. How far the CPVC Pipes are Fire Safe? Are there any fire safety ratings?

Ans: Construction projects must emphasize fire safety. FV-0 and FST pipes are available from reputable CPVC manufacturers. CPVC pipe fire resistance ratings need manufacturer technical data sheets. These ratings are for pipes alone. Fire sleeves or sprinkler systems may increase fire safety based on project demands and local regulations. Fire safety experts should be engaged for complete examinations and informed fire protection options. These experts may provide project-specific fire safety advice to safeguard building occupants and assets.

Q3. Are there any impacts to environment when it comes to CPVC pipes? Are there any sustainable options?

Ans: CPVC is being tested for environmental impact as the construction sector stresses sustainability. CPVC is recyclable and durable, however its production may affect the environment. To address these concerns, choose firms who disclose their environmental impact evaluations and prioritize sustainability. Find lead-free or recyclable CPVC manufacturers. Lead-free and recycled CPVC reduce pollution and health concerns and support the circular economy by reducing waste and virgin material consumption. Ask about the brand’s end-of-life management to recycle CPVC products ethically. Construction professionals may lessen the industry’s environmental effect and encourage sustainable construction by stressing sustainability and choosing eco-friendly CPVC producers. Environmentally responsible CPVC usage may help the construction sector become more sustainable.

Q4. I will plan to carry out a complex project of sanitary installation, for different diameters of pipes and fittings. Is a complete system available, with compatible connections, and does it come with technical backup?

Ans: Complex projects call for complete systems. Go for brands that offer many pipe sizes, fittings, and accessories to avoid compatibility and fitting problems. Select brands that readily provide technical support when installation and design prove problematic. Consider attending training sessions or requesting project-specific guidance from the brand, if available.

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