When buying a laptop, you are likely to get confused way too much because of literally hundreds of options out there from dozens of brands, and that too in the Indian market. Why’s that though? Well, the laptop segment in the Indian market is a competitive one, but still, there are some brands that are objectively the best no matter which part of the world you belong to. And yes, sure, there are some other brands that particularly sell well in India and now anywhere else in the world. We will talk about all these brands in this list of the top 10 leading laptop brands in India as of 2024. Alright, that’s enough of the intro, now let’s get to the actual stuff, shall we?

1. Apple


Since 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne from Cupertino, California (CA) have built up Apple Inc. into a world-class technology giant with the production of hi-tech products and innovative design. For its chic design, top performance, and exclusive magic connectivity with other Apple products, Apple’s MacBook series has won great acclaim across India. In India, this cross-device connectivity, a framework including such services as the communion series and airplay, gives Apple all the power. The brand is also committed to maintaining privacy and data security, which provides professionals and creators a relaxed use of machines with peace that their information will not be violated.

2. HP

Founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard within a Palo Altow domestic garage, HP is now one of the most trusted names in the business of computation. With a wide variety of products suited to a consumer’s every need in mind, HP has long been lauded in India for being dependable, having good customer service, and providing all sorts of goods. As demonstrated in the Pavilion series for everyday needs up to gaming Omen Series gamers, there is something for every taste at HP, you know? The brand emphasizes innovation and its reputation for rugged build has helped make it a sensible buy among Indian customers looking for long-lasting value.

3. Dell

Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, whose University of Texas college room serves as the company’s head office and home, DELL Technology Corporation is the leader of world computing. In India, Dell means reliability, staying power under heavy use, and serving customers attentively after sales. A wide product range including the Inspiron Series for those on a budget and high-performance ones within the XPS series which makes Dell one of the few brands that does just that. You see, Dell also provides customized solutions to keep up with demand for this famous brand in India, that’s the very reason their new customers are undoubtedly satisfied, well, most of the time.

4. Lenovo

Then there is at number four Lenovo on our list today. In 1984, in Beijing, a small brand called Lenovo was born. Grow up a little bit, and boom! it ate IBM’s personal computing division up in 2005 and went right to the top of the laptop world. So what’s up with Lenovo these days? Everything. For the budget-laptop lovers, there’s the ThinkPad series. And for those who eat, sleep, and breathe video games, the Legion series is like a handful of diamonds. And why do folks in India feel Lenovo? Like the kid in front of a candy store because of performance, rugged durability, and value for money, that’s why.


Picture four tech-savvy guys back in 1989, in Taipei, Taiwan, imagining something that’s now a top player with personal computer gaming. Any Indian that comes around looking for a gaming laptop, is headed for the hills picking up an ASUS laptop. That’s just the way it is. The only ASUS changeup is a top-of-the-world gaming performer that keeps its cool with the most attractive as well as effective cooling systems around and a look that’ll make your friend’s laptop owner sit up and take notice in red-faced jealousy.

6. Acer

And along we come to Acer. Acer moved to the big time, and among the go-to laptop brands in India. Thoughts at Acer? Innovations that won’t send you to the poorhouse. Acer’s claim to fame? A spread of laptops that’s like a buffet. And everyone’s hungry with Acer’s game. You’re a little short this month with pay but you’ve been wanting a decent laptop for about a thousand years? Acer’s got you. Looking for a gaming or work beast right now? Acer’s also got you. Peripherals that’ll not break the bank. Acer’s got something that’ll fit your pocket as well as your hunger for performance at the budget perfectly.

7. Samsung

Samsung, a South Korean institution established in 1938, has a diverse global presence spanning electronics, financial services, and heavy industry. Samsung’s laptops in India are appreciated for their slim designs, vibrant displays, and trendsetting features. By foregrounding quality and integrating cutting-edge technology into their devices, Samsung has quickly become a top choice for anyone looking for top-of-the-line performance coupled with style, you know? For example, the Samsung Galaxy Book lineup reveals the brand’s mastery of creating laptops that are powerful and beautiful.

8. Microsoft

Microsoft, founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, needs no introduction as one of the computer world’s founding fathers. In India though, Microsoft’s Surface lineup, which is celebrated for its 2-in-1 versatility, premium design, and slick functionality, has been warmly received by professionals and creatives. And yes, Surface laptops are the perfect choice for those in demand of a device that can keep up with their ever-changing work and personal life. Microsoft’s emphasis on innovation, security, and the native integration of Windows 10 ensures that it’ll find an audience among those seeking a unified and intuitive computing experience, you know?

9. LG

LG was founded in 1947 in South Korea and has a long and storied history of pushing the envelope in electronics. LG’s laptops in India, headlined by the LG Gram series, which is known for its lightweight design and uncommon longevity of battery, earn them great reviews among professionals and students alike looking for a solution that marries portability and extended functional hours. Maintaining the brand’s commitment to merging excellence with beautiful design, LG laptops are something beyond just a tool, they’re a brilliant form of fashion.


HONOR hit the laptop scene shortly but quickly earned its stripes by embracing innovation and serving up value. Originally a sub-brand of Huawei, HONOR broke off into its own brand in 2020. HONOR laptops in India are quickly gaining ground as being known for program head-turning design, competitive price points, and features that cater to both work and play. Finding a home among a younger, tech-savvy Indian consumer, who expects such features as multi-screen collaboration and eye protection as part of the package, choosing HONOR means embracing the promise to deliver all the latest technological trends at a price point that is accessible to the mainstream.


That’s all there is for now. And yes, with this list in your hand, you’ll be better equipped to make the right purchase decision because now you know which are the top brands that are kinda the best sellers in the Indian market. On top of that, we have made sure that we include brands that offer laptops under all price brackets, so yeah, go ahead and give these brands’ laptop collections a look-see.

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