Top 10 Popular Travel Portals in India

India is a country full of wonder and surprises. Its vividness and diversified features are spread all around the 28 states along with 8 Union territories. The beauty of the different nooks and corners of the country is unmatched. One can find the snowy Himalayas in the north and the deserts in east, beaches in the south and so on. For a traveller, it is a never-ending travel spot filled with innumerable travel destinations. However, the new age travellers prefer to travel smart and easy. They depend on different techs to make their travel smoother. The popular online travel portals in India are much preferred by them. Reason? Because it offers all sorts of booking and additional customer supports that help them anywhere and anytime. Here we will be discussing about the top 10 leading travel sites and their special services.

1. Make My Trip

Make My Trip


Indian travel website MakeMyTrip was started by Deep Kalra. MakeMyTrip offers great flights, trains, hotels, and holiday packages domestically and internationally. The travel industry leader MakeMyTrip operates in 50 Indian locations. MakeMyTrip’s booking simplicity sets it apart. Book flights, trains, hotels, and holiday packages just a few clicks. The platform’s simple interface and broad network help customers find the best options for their budget and preferences. Quick service illustrates MakeMyTrip’s dedication to customer satisfaction. MakeMyTrip’s fast booking and wide variety make it the go-to destination for all travel needs, from short getaways to extensive vacations.

MakeMyTrip Services:

  • Offers flight booking services (domestic & international)
  • Offers hotel booking services (domestic & international)
  • Have great holiday packages (domestic & international)
  • Offers train & bus tickets booking services (India)
  • Offers cab booking services (outstation, airport transfers, hourly rentals)
  • Supports getting tourist visas
  • Offers homes & villas booking services (domestic & international)
  • Issues travel gift cards

2. Yatra



Yatra is a travel behemoth with fantastic deals. Yatra is a reliable and efficient local and international travel company. Yatra offers the latest travel information and the lowest costs with its user-friendly design and various booking choices. Of India’s most trusted e-commerce travel companies, Yatra has over 7 million satisfied clients. Incredible discounts and affordable packages let customers save money while enjoying great travels, displaying its commitment to customer happiness. Second among India’s top 10 travel websites, Yatra strives for value and service. Yatra is a national favorite because to its large network and simple booking process.

Yatra Services:

  • Offers discounted flight booking (domestic & international)
  • Offers budget-friendly hotel booking (domestic & international)
  • Have customized holiday packages (domestic & international)
  • Offers best deals on bus travel across India
  • Offers curated cruise itineraries
  • Offers train travel discounts
  • Ensures savings on domestic & international activities

3. Ease My Trip

Ease My Trip


Indian tourists choose EaseMyTrip for cheap, convenient travel. Specializing in travel packages and holidays, EaseMyTrip offers special local and international airline bargains. EaseMyTrip helps travelers save money by offering the best deals. Hotel and vacation packages from EaseMyTrip provide the finest deals and a lowest price guarantee. Insures clients find the greatest hotel and holiday package prices. Reservation chat support is another EaseMyTrip strength. Flight, hotel, and vacation package inquiries and booking may be answered by EaseMyTrip support.

EaseMyTrip Services:

  • Best discount domestic & international flight booking
  • Best deals on train tickets & bus bookings
  • Finest domestic & international holiday packages
  • Finest visa assistance for worldwide travel
  • Best domestic & international holiday packages for every budget
  • Finest visa assistance for worldwide travel, simplifying the process
  • 24/7 customer support to answer your travel questions

4. Goibibo



Indian internet travel giant Goibibo sells flights, trains, hotels, and more. Goibibo’s user-friendly design and quick booking process assist travelers plan their excursions. The site has great booking, cancellation, and refund services. Goibibo makes it easier for travelers to change or cancel their trips. Visitors save money on local and international travel while seeing new areas with its low rates and promotions here. Goibibo offers several traditional and authorized hotels and resorts to fit clients’ interests and budgets. Every traveler may find affordable, high-quality accommodations on Goibibo.

Goibibo Services:

  • Offering domestic & International Flights best deals
  • Booking hotels Worldwide
  • Options to enjoy curated & screened hotels with Go Stay
  • Best bus & train bookings with finest cost
  • Reliable rides for airport transfers & city exploring.

5. ClearTrip


Website: makes booking flights, trains, and hotels simple. Easy booking and design enable travelers choose and book their preferred travel options on Cleartrip. The site’s claim of top travel savings is significant. Cleartrip offers domestic and international holiday bargains. Cleartrip offers flights, trains, and hotels in a range of vacation packages. Friends and family seeking adventure, relaxation, or culture may book Cleartrip vacation packages. Apart from these the site also offers the best travel bargains to promote customer satisfaction. Cleartrip’s extensive network of partners and suppliers provides competitive pricing and promotions, making travel cheaper and more enjoyable.

ClearTrip Services:

  • Your option to discover 100+ cities & their must-do activities
  • You can save big on domestic & international flight
  • Find your best dream vacation hotels at top rates
  • Easy Indian Railways booking Solutions




IRCTC is India’s leading airline, rail, luxury train, and adventure tourism booking portal. Due to its reliability and efficiency, IRCTC is the most trusted online travel booking platform. The site has great availability, booking, cancellation, and reimbursements. IRCTC simplifies travel booking with a simple UI and sophisticated backend infrastructure. Along with great service, IRCTC offers great travel deals via its E-wallet and reward programs. These bargains and perks may save visitors a lot of money, making their visits more pleasurable.

IRCTC Services:

  • Get domestic & international flights ticket (discounted fares)
  • Best train boking solutions (Chartered, Tourist, Luxury)
  • Find unique experiences (Maharaja Express, Buddhist Circuit, Hill Train Journeys)
  • Get curated Rail Tours (Thematic Itineraries, Adventure, Historical)
  • 24/7 Customer Support for Booking Assistance

7. RedBus



Redbus is a popular road trip booking service. Redbus, one of the best travel booking sites, has a huge network and low prices. Affordable Redbus trip bookings are a plus. Redbus’s network of bus operators and partnerships delivers affordable, comfortable transportation. Excellent service is another Redbus specialty. Redbus’s user-friendly design, fast booking process, and reliable customer support ensure a seamless ride.

RedBus Services:

  • Exceptional discounted Bus Tickets
  • Best eco-friendly Carpool booking
  • Booking options for top Hotel Deals Across India
  • Best private Bus Rentals for Tours

8. TripAdvisor



Since its founding in the early internet, Tripadvisor has altered how travelers access and exchange information. Tripadvisor, launched in 2000, transformed holiday planning with user-generated content. Millions of travelers’ reviews, ratings, and ideas make Tripadvisor successful. Firsthand experiences with hotels, restaurants, sights, and other travel services help travelers plan memorable journeys.  Millions of real travelers share honest reviews, giving you the inside scoop on hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Trip Advisor Services

  • Offers best property reviews and traveller photographs
  • You can find suggestion for hidden gems and must-sees
  • Best holiday destination options

9. Ticket Goose

Ticket Goose


This website is great for Indian road trippers. It offers travelers the best bus and cab booking nationwide. The organization provides fantastic hotel bargains throughout India for varied travel needs. With its user-friendly design and various booking options, travelers can easily choose and book their transportation or accommodation.

Ticket Goose Services:

  • You can get the finest offer on bus ticket booking.
  • You can book taxi online service in India.
  • Get the finest hotel booking offers.

10. Expedia



Hotel, airfare, and activity booking site Expedia is popular throughout Asia, especially India. Tourists may book everything at once. For a pleasant journey, Expedia provides several options. Affordable accommodations, customizable activity packages, and sightseeing cab bookings are available. Its user-friendly structure and wide selection make Expedia one of India’s top 10 travel websites.

Expedia Services:

  • Get best prices on domestic and International flight booking
  • Get best rates onf hotel booking across India and in other countries
  • Best rates for holiday activities services


Yatra, Make My Trip, and Goibibo are one of the top 10 travel websites of India. Budgeted and very economic are all the websites I will mention while running this article. They offer real great deals and huge discounts too. You can save your time and money with these portals and make your booking easily in no time. These are a few top Indian online travel portals where you can check-in while traveling.

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