Top 10 Popular Car Portals In India

Amidst the chaos on the streets of India, one sole thing stands out: a deep love for cars. For India, cars are more than just machinery; from the glossy luxury sedans gliding through the roads of the city to robust SUVs that conquer the rugged rural terrains, they are symbols of dreams, freedom, and mobility. Fast forward to 2024, and the technology, more entwining with our lives than ever before, is moving the quest for that perfect car from crowded showrooms out into the digital world. Yes, we are talking about the car portals that every car buyer or seller is using right here in India. And today, we are all about taking a good look at the top 10 popular car portals in India as of 2024. So yeah, let’s not drag this intro thing any further and get started. Here we go.

1. CarDekho



CarDekho is at the top of its game for four-wheeler lovers, making it super easy to search, compare, and buy new and used cars. The website revolves around useful stuff like expert opinions, full car specs, comparisons, and lots of pictures of every car brand and model in India. Working in tandem with the carmakers, more than 4000 dealers and lots of finance companies make it smooth and easy for someone to buy a car. CarDekho has everything that it requires to provide to its clients, nothing is left out and, therefore, the buyers and sellers are in an even position to get whatever they may be looking for.

2. Cars24


Cars24 has amped up the pre-owned car market with a hassle-free way of buying and selling cars that is all about quality and ease. The car listed for sale goes through a very strong check and fixing process to make sure the car listed for sale on the website is top-notch. Cars24, on the other hand, addresses the general worries of the used car buyer head-on with benefits like getting the car delivered right to your doorstep, with a 6-month guarantee and a week-long return policy. This is a firm that is growing very fast, having seen its sales double from last year during the beginning of 2023. With 205 branches in 182 cities across India, Cars24 makes it easy for everyone to get in on the action.

3. CarTrade & CarWale


With the complete backing and support of CarTrade Tech, CarTrade and CarWale are the most popular platforms for transactions for new and old cars in the country right now. This is possible only because of their reliability and service with a smile that the platforms enjoy patronage from wide sections of their clientele. CarWale, in particular, having 31.9 million monthly visits, really proves to be a trusted name in the world of cars.

4. Droom


In this market, Droom is the only player who is trying to provide a market for cars, bikes, bicycles, and scooters under one roof, which will attract a wide range of customers, for sure. With the very easy-to-use interface and the technology-oriented focus on eco-rides, like electric and hybrid, among a large selection of over 50,000 vehicles, they are the future-forward choice of the eco-conscious shopper.

5. Spinny


Spinny is truly changing the game in how you buy and sell cars, with a personal touch given to a clear process of showcasing their wide range of inspected and certified used cars. It uses Spinny360 feature to bring cars online, allowing customers to view its interior and exterior down to the smallest details, probably to enable them to make informed purchase decisions. And yes, Spinny’s merger with Hopcar is a move towards bigger and better things, securing its place in the market.

6. Zigwheels


Zigwheels will be your one-stop shop for car enthusiasm, filled with expert reviews, the latest news on pricing, and the hottest deals on new and pre-owned cars, bikes, and scooters. It is known as its best tool for comparing cars and bikes, allowing buyers to make a smart choice between any of the two. Zigwheels is the most loved car website of 2013 that helps to make buying decisions simpler and easier, with its extensive specifications and expert advice.

7. OLX Autos


From its start, OLX Autos has created one of the best locations to visit for classified ads that provide huge amounts of vehicles that can fit into any budget you might have. With this, it is all about making it clear and simple for both the buyers and the sellers, really ensuring that everybody knows what is what. OLX makes its name in the market so much easier to purchase and sell many cars with availing options, ranging from an affordable ride to the one with the most luxurious and fancy rides.

8. QuikrCars


QuikrCars stands out in the online classifieds scene with its sharp focus on making customers happy and supported. It is packed with helpful services like help in finance, test drives, and even sorting out RTO stuff to make things about buying and selling cars as smooth as it can be. QuikrCars, with these features, stands out in its drive towards a simple, hassle-free experience topped with different ways of paying, even a cool option for some lucky buyers for free home delivery.

9. Team BHP


Among the greatest car forums in India, Team BHP attracts at least 20 million users annually. Established in 2004, it holds a policy where it guarantees the users the kind of content available is very honest and authentic. Team BHP is known for straight-up car reviews, detailed comparisons, and a very live community of car fans with their reviews, experiences, and discussions of over 350 different car topics.

10. Mahindra First Choice


For more than 20 years, OverDrive has been delivering top-notch news, reviews, and comparisons on cars and bikes. “Autocar India” is one of the best car magazines in India and has built a very strong legacy when it comes to providing a deep dive into the latest in cars and bikes, along with useful buyer’s guides and tips. The magazine has succeeded by combining quality with the ability to change with the times: to be able to offer both traditional stories presented within a magazine and more current stories, which are presented digitally.


All in all, if you are out there hoping to buy a top-notch condition 2nd hand car, a new one, or maybe you are looking to sell an old one. No matter what your goal is, you can simply hop onto these portals and that’s it, you’ll be good for the most part.

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