Do you know that India has the highest number of two-wheelers running on our roads every single day? Yes, that’s 100% true. And with this many bike riders in the country, no wonder everybody should stay safe on the road, and that can be achieved by just putting on a good helmet. Right? Keep in mind though, that not any helmet can save you from those nasty accidents. Nah! Your helmet should be strong and durable enough to save you from blunt trauma to the head during an accident. That’s the very reason why we have come up with this list of the top 10 leading helmet brands in India as of 2024. These are the ones that offer the absolute best in terms of their helmet offerings, so yeah, let’s get to know about these brands, shall we?

1. Steelbird


With a history dating back to 1964, Steelbird is a well-known name in every household in India, when it comes to the matter of safety and innovation. Steelbird provides helmets for every segment of riders. The company’s product lines include Steelbird Air, Ares, and Ignyte, comprising helmets that are robust, reliable, and affordable, alongside with great aerodynamic designs that cater to the needs of the youth. With half-face, full-face, and modular lines, the brand boasts its products offer the comfort, safety, and style a rider seeks in an Indian market.

2. Studds

Another brand that is synonymous with helmets for Indian riders is Studds, which has been known for producing some of the sturdiest, most durable helmets for riders in the country. As one of the oldest helmet manufacturing brands in India, Studds has thoroughly understood the needs of its diverse customer base and works hard to provide sheer quality for every rupee spent, you know? The brand has an array of helmets under two product lines the basic Studds and the premium SMK. It combines half-face, full-face, and flip-up designs for every type of helmet that it produces. Studds helmets are not just about protection and safety though, the brand also provides riders with style, as inner sun visors, chin vents, and comfort liners are found in the range, making a very fashionable choice for riders, young and old.

3. Vega

Established in 1982, Vega has grown leaps and bounds in the Indian helmet space, providing a great balance of quality and low cost that is quoted by few. Vega’s extensive range of products caters to every rider’s need in the country, with the brand offering a variety of helmets, as well as accessories such as motocross goggles and side boxes, amongst others. Safety and style are a vital part of the brand and is extremely visible in its most affordable range, which is priced between INR 1,000 and INR 3,000, making Vega helmets accessible to every rider in the country.

4. LS2

On the global front, LS2 has made a huge impact in the Indian market, providing riders with some of the highest quality helmets that are safe, comfortable, and stylish, all at the same time. LS2 exports these designer helmets, crafted with a focus on design to the taste of Indian riders, to the country, and with an extensive list of authorized outlets in every part of the magnificent nation, LS2 ensures that every rider has their hands on some of the best premium helmets and accessories.

5. Royal Enfield

The brand has been the epicenter of motorcycling spirit in India and helmets are a piece of a similar tradition. Royal Enfield has launched a line of helmets and motorbike accessories. The brand known for producing iconic motorcycles, has crafted a range of helmets, which have the same attention to detail and focus on safety, as the motorcycle range. With prices ranging from INR 1800 to INR 8000, Royal Enfield helmets are made from a double layering of foam, which makes it thicker and gives an extra shell of foam for greater comfort, making it a great ride for Royal Enfield riders and fans.

6. AGV

A symbol of Italian craftsmanship and innovation in the helmet scene, AGV (Amisano Gino Valenza) was founded by Gino Amisano, in 1947, and has continued to be a premier brand by focusing on high-end, racing-inspired helmets. Renowned for its material quality and trendsetting designs, AGV helmets are a regular sight in racing circuits, and with good reason: ECE-approved helmets from the brand have a standard starting price which skyrockets due to the advanced features and exceptional quality they offer. AGV helmets are the most stylish ones out there and are characterized by their streamlined, aerodynamic shapes, anti-scratch visors, and Pinlock 70-ready visors.

7. Axor

Introduced to the Indian market in 2015, Axor is a brand that’s synonymous with style and safety. Axor made a grand entrance into India, with international tie-ups that brought never-seen-before styles, accompanied by new, innovative features to the country. Priced very competitively, Axor helmets offer full protection in the form of full-face helmets and are known for the optically correct visors they come with, for a clearer vision on the road. Axor caters to a younger audience that’s in search of helmets that feature modern aesthetics, without compromising on safety, you know?


SHOEI’s track record of producing high-quality helmets is unmatched, quite literally! As a Japanese brand with a strong history dating back to 1959, SHOEI helmets are the essence of precision engineering and careful design. Each SHOEI helmet is made in Japan and complies with the highest safety standards such as DOT, ECE, and even Snell certifications. SHOEI helmets come with a hefty price tag but for good reason. They offer unrivaled protection, an aerodynamic and compact shape, and a warranty, they’re supremely confident in what they manufacture. For a rider who wants the best in helmet technology and craftsmanship, it’s SHOEI without question.

9. Arai

Another gem of the Japanese helmet manufacturing crown, Arai has made a name for itself with its commitment to quality and the safety of the rider. What separates Arai helmets is that they are (still) hand-built and exceed all safety standards. Their bestselling piece, the Astral-X Curve Helmet, shows off their meticulous attention to detail and capability to provide superior padding protection, cheek pads that have a 5mm peel-away layer, and a smart drop-down visor. Also carrying a high price, Arai helmets demand a significant investment, but one that is warranted given their exceptional features and the undeniable piece of mind they give to a rider.

10. THH

Rounding out our list is THH, a Taiwanese brand, which has captured a fair share of the Indian market, for its lightweight, high-quality helmets. Tong-ho Hsing or THH, has made a name for itself by producing helmets that offer good ventilation and comfort at a very cost affordable price. This philosophy of producing helmets that are easy to carry and wear has met the needs of Indian riders and has made THH a go-to brand for those in India looking for quality helmets that don’t break the bank.


That’s all there is for now. See, the helmet is a thing that you should not be skimping on when buying one. Make sure you can get your hands on the absolute best so that you can rest (or should we say, ride?) assured that you’ll be safe on the Indian roads.

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