Top 10 Popular Wall Putty Brands in India

Wall putty is of great importance in building and home decor since it establishes an excellent base for good paint finish, so as to offer strength and beauty. The house renovation and new construction mostly require wall putty and POP since it provides a smooth, tough surface. This article will discuss wall putty and their importance to provide the perfect surface to the wall. Selecting the right wall putty becomes necessary to have a flawless finishing during renovation or during building new houses. Based on the current rising demand, wall putty attracted many players into the market today.

By 2024, a couple of brands had emerged leading in conquering the building industry with innovations and high-quality building achievements. The following is an analysis of the top 10 trusted wall putty brands in India for 2024 and their characteristics in the building industry.

1. Asian Paint Wall Putty:

Asian Paints

Asian Paints, an Indian paint company, now makes wall putty, boosting its quality and creativity. Asian Paint Wall Putty’s stickiness, smooth surface, and moisture resistance make it a good base for future paint applications. Homeowners and professionals prefer it. Asian Paint Asian Wall Putty is one of the best since it works on many surfaces. Asian Paints’ wall putties operate effectively on applied and built walls. The 1942-founded company makes 158 billion dollars from white wall putties. Asian Paints’ building components make it a reliable infrastructure option. Mumbai-based enterprise makes Indian-specific wall putties. Asian Paints offers high-quality cemented putties for painted and prefabricated walls. Quality and creativity make Asian Paints the leader in construction and home décor. Asian Paint Wall Putty is vital for surface preparation for a beautiful, long-lasting finish. Asian Paints’ quality and adaptability make it a top wall putty option for consumers and professionals.

2. Birla White Wall Putty:

The wall putty market is led by Aditya Birla Group brand Birla White. Birla White Wall Putty is known for its whiteness, consistency, and fracture resistance. Durability and impeccable finish make Birla White a preferred choice for national construction projects. Birla White Wall Putty is a popular lasting wall treatment that works with various wall paints. A leading Indian brand’s 40 Kg wall putty increases performance in crucial areas. Birla White Wall Putty is water-resistant, durable, bonded, finished, and covered. This putty’s white cement formulation makes it water-resistant and durable in difficult conditions. High-quality polymers and unique additives make it a robust white wall putty option. Birla White’s wall putty prepares surfaces completely. Its crack-resistant and continuous whiteness make it a reliable paint base. Building professionals and individuals approve of Birla White’s wall putty.

3. Arosun Paints Ultra Touch Wall Putty:

The revolutionary Arosun Paints Ultra Touch Wall Putty is a wall putty powerhouse. The technology and sustainability of Arosun’s wall putty combine strength and sustainability. Ultra Touch has a smooth, level surface for flawless painting. The white cement-based Ultra Touch powder wall putty from Arosun Paints contains re-dispersible polymers and beneficial additives. It’s one among India’s Top 10 Best Wall Putty brands because of its quality and usability. Building applications suit this ready-mix, water-based wall putty, which simplifies surface preparation. Ultra Touch powder wall putty may solve artistic or wall-building problems. Its durability and ease of use make it a reliable choice for glossy interior and exterior treatments. Apply this white cement-based wall putty with re-dispersible polymers and beneficial additives to rough interior and external plasters. Unique formulation makes the lotion work on plastered and painted walls. Its adaptability handles secondary external faults for a flawless finish. Ultra Touch wall putty shows Arosun Paints’ creativity and sustainability. Arosun Paints meets and exceeds industry requirements to fulfill construction professionals’ and homeowners’ evolving needs.

4. K S Company White Color Birla Wall Putty:

K S Company’s White Birla Wall Putty is famous for its affordability and effectiveness. For a diverse consumer base, this wall putty delivers a faultless surface that prolongs paint coverage. The brand’s quality and price have increased market share. K S Company White Birla Wall Putty creates beautiful paints, plasters, mosaic tiles, terrazzo floors, and other white cement-based value-added surfaces. Beyond its purpose, this wall putty variety enables users play with colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. K S Company wall putty creates intricate designs. Even when blended with other materials, its high refractive index and opacity sparkle and cover surfaces flawlessly. This Wall Putty makes artistic displays on walls. Products that satisfy aesthetic and practical goals have helped the company succeed. This wall putty extends paint applications and enhances surface look, pleasing homeowners, builders, and designers. K S Company White Birla Wall Putty is cost-effective. The brand’s growing popularity indicates its ability to fulfill consumers’ diverse preferences and demands in the competitive wall putty sector, making it a trusted and preferred alternative for practicality and aesthetic excellence.

5. JK Protomax Acrylic Wall Putty:

JK Cement’s Protomax Acrylic Wall Putty is innovative. This wall putty is designed for water resistance, fracture resistance, and adhesion. JK Protomax Acrylic Wall Putty is durable and versatile, making it popular inside and outdoors. The industry leader JK Cement adds another gem to its portfolio with this high-quality wall putty. For the best wall putty in India, choose JK Protomax. This flexible putty works with alkali-resistant paints and primers. Immaculate and smooth polish enhances surface appeal. Its rapid setting time makes JK Protomax Acrylic Wall Putty desirable. This improves painting speed and project efficiency. One of India’s best wall putties, its water-based structure makes it simple to apply and durable. JK Protomax Acrylic Wall Putty’s water resistance and fast setting make it popular with professionals and homeowners. Its ranking in India’s best wall putty reflects its quality and performance. JK Protomax ensures quality, durability, and efficiency in interior and external wall surface preparation.

6. Greatindogardens Grade Wall Putty:

Greatindogardens Grade Wall Putty is a premium, inexpensive surface preparation choice. Building professionals trust the brand’s wall putty to fix faults and smooth paint application. Greatindogardens GRADE A Premium Quality, India’s best wall putty, is white cement-based water-resistant with HP polymers and other components. White cement-based putty combines effectively with foundation plaster, even on damp surfaces, to patch minor gaps in walls and ceilings and provide a smooth, dry surface suitable for painting.

7. Iris Paints Wall Putty:

Iris Paints Wall Putty’s imaginative creations set it distinct. because to research and development, the brand’s wall putty solutions are popular for residential and commercial applications because to its strong bonding strength, water resistance, and ease of use. Iris is one among India’s top 10 interior and outdoor wall putty brands. Though controversial, iris wall putty is intriguing. It is one of India’s best secondary cut and irregularity wall putties in flexible white. Wall repair is possible using powdered iris wall putty. A multipurpose wall cleaner, it cleans interior and outdoor walls. Although lesser recognized, the brand produces exceptional outcomes for its customers, making it one of India’s top wall putty firms.

8. Sunkoll Industries Ltd Wall Putty:

Sunkoll Industries Ltd. is a trusted wall putty producer with a comprehensive range of solutions for construction needs. The brand prioritizes wall putty durability, crack resistance, and smoothness. Due to its quality and creativity, Sunkoll Industries Ltd.’s wall putty leads the industry. Sunkoll dominates Indian wall putty. India’s Top 10 Best Wall Putty options include Sunkoll’s wall care putty. Competence and home safety set the brand apart in the market. Professionals and customers adore Sunkoll’s smooth, durable wall putty. This base-repellent paint and primer-compatible wall putty ensures a smooth surface. Fast drying makes Sunkoll Industries Ltd.’s wall putty desirable. This feature accelerates building and renovation, increasing production and completion. Its rapid drying makes it suited for various construction applications.

9. Bird White Synthetic Wall Putty:

Bird White Synthetic Wall Putty is unique in the wall putty business since it is synthetic resin-based and sticky. This wall putty is designed to give a smooth painting surface for durability and weather resistance. Bird White Synthetic Wall Putty satisfies modern construction project quality and durability criteria. Bird White wall putty is popular in India because of its reputation. This Indian synthetic resin-based wall putty is famous and excellent. The synthetic resin’s improved adhesiveness makes putty-surface contact robust.

10. Reso White Wall Putty:

Our final choice is Reso White Wall Putty, acclaimed for its beauty and performance. For surface preparation, Reso White Wall Putty offers great coverage, smoothness, and flak resistance, confirming the brand’s excellence. Reso White Wall Putty is one of India’s top 10 brands due to its white color. Mineral powder and strategically placed polymers retain water. This recipe offers the putty a flawless surface and protection. For flexibility, Reso White Wall Putty recommends coating thickness of 1–1.5 mm per layer. Thickness may be adjusted for surface treatment. Reso White Wall Putty sticks without chopping plastered walls and RCC columns, beams, and ceilings.


The leading top 10 wall putty brands in India for 2024 are quite a wide range. From established giants, having names like Asian Paints and Birla White, to some newer entrants that focus on eco-friendliness as well as affordability, the brands in totality add value in the context of evolution surrounding construction and home decor. Choosing the right wall putty is key to assuring paint retainability and aesthetics, and the brands above continue being on the front line in providing solutions in the market.

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