Top 10 Popular Bike Battery Brands in India

As the Indian two-wheeler market continues to surge, the demand for reliable and high-performance bike batteries has never been more crucial. If you see in every 2-3 months a new bike or scooty launched in India. So, whether it’s for daily commuting or long rides on the open road, a dependable battery is the heartbeat of any motorcycle. An average life span of a bike battery is between 3 to 5 years. And In this article, we will list the trusted and famous bike battery brands of India, exploring their features, reliability, and market standing.

Bike Battery

1. Tata Green:

Tata Green makes India’s most durable and high-quality bike batteries. Biker enthusiasts countrywide utilise Tata Green’s innovative technology and robust batteries. Industry-leading brand is innovative and durable. Tata Green pioneered eco-friendly bike batteries. The batteries power bikes and benefit the environment.

Tata Green balances performance and environmental awareness with ethical manufacturing. Indian bike battery brand Tata Green is reliable and eco-friendly. Tata Green’s Pune headquarters are its centre since 2005. Tata Green makes dependable, robust, and high-performance motorbike batteries. The Tata Green High-Speed Battery, XFM Battery, and Storm Battery are top sellers.

2. Power Zone:

Power Zone is a renowned bike battery manufacturer with several high-performance, affordable batteries. Power Zone batteries’ maintenance-free design and advanced technology make them dependable for all bikes.

It is India’s top bike battery manufacturer due to its innovation and client service. Power Zone, founded in 2004, provides durable bike batteries. Motorcycle riders get reliable, durable, and effective batteries from the firm. Power Zone bike batteries are efficient and durable.


SBSANTRO leads the bike battery industry with precise engineering and cutting-edge technologies. Consistent energy and battery life make the brand successful in India. Motorcyclists that value dependability and lifespan chose SBSANTRO for its continual research and development to perform well.

The firm relies on reliable, high-performance, lasting motorbike batteries. SBSANTRO Bike Batteries are constructed nicely and represent the brand. The business claims these goods give power and reliable, efficient road performance. SBSANTRO batteries succeed due to its unique technology and strict quality control.

4. Forext:

Forext stands out in bike batteries with high-quality manufacture and advanced functionality. Forext’s motorbike batteries are durable, demonstrating its performance focus. Forext is India’s #1 bike battery provider owing to its focus to innovation and customer satisfaction. Forext stands out as a firm that improves riders’ experiences due to this dedication. The reliable Forext motorbike battery manufacturer produces high-quality batteries.

The brand’s founding year and location are unclear, but their batteries fulfil riders’ needs with their performance, lifespan, and price. Forext’s best-selling Xcell, PowerMax, and StarVolt batteries show its devotion to variety. Forext’s quality and affordability make these batteries popular among riders. Forext batteries are created using current technology and quality control. This ensures each battery has consistent power, making riding effortless. Forext has innovative features to fit riders’ demands and road conditions.


EXIDE is well-known in batteries. Due to its commitment to quality, EXIDE bike batteries are popular nationwide for their durability and reliability. EXIDE dominates the industry with a broad range of bike goods thanks to advanced technology and quality. EXIDE, a top bike battery manufacturer, produces high-performance batteries for riders. EXIDE Bike Batteries, founded in 1947 in Kolkata, are durable, efficient, and effective.

The best-selling EXIDE Xplore Bike Battery, Bikerz Battery, and SF Sonic Power Box Battery maintain our legacy of quality. High-tech manufacturing and quality control make EXIDE Bike Batteries successful. This meticulous procedure ensures each battery’s power, performance, and road reliability. EXIDE helps bikers ride better with innovative and accurate engineering. Trust EXIDE for quality, durability, and bike model compatibility. Fans choose the brand for its high-performance, long-lasting batteries. The durable EXIDE Xplore Bike Battery, flexible EXIDE Bikerz Battery, and powerful EXIDE SF Sonic Power Box Battery fulfil bikers’ needs and improve their rides.

6. Tesla Power:

Tesla Power revolutionises bike batteries with green technology. Tesla Power bike batteries balance riders’ demands with cutting-edge technology and environmental awareness, making them market leaders. Brand repute makes it a prominent player in the competitive Indian bike battery sector. TESLA POWER, a bike battery leader, manufactures durable batteries. The 2003-founded West Bengal Company is committed to excellence.

Bike users who respect quality and innovation adore TESLA POWER Bike Batteries’ performance and durability. Top selling at TESLA POWER include lithium-ion, AGM, and gel bike batteries. Each battery is meticulously built using current technology, demonstrating the brand’s forward-thinking product development. For best performance and lifetime, TESLA POWER rigorously tests each battery to exceed industry standards. TESLA POWER bike users may expect steady power and better performance. Tesla Power’s lightweight, energy-efficient Lithium-ion Bike Battery showcases its creativity. The company adapts to riders’ needs using AGM and Gel Bike Batteries.

7. Amaron:

Amaron is a major bike battery manufacturer that makes robust, high-performance batteries. Riders who desire a durable power supply trust the brand. Amaron’s quality and inventiveness make it a trustworthy Indian bike battery manufacturer. Famous Indian motorcycle battery company Amaron Bike Battery offers robust, high-performance batteries. Amaron’s headquarters have been in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, since 2000, reflecting its automotive background.

The batteries meet the highest endurance and lifespan standards thanks to innovative technology and stringent quality control. The Pro Rider and Hi-Rider models of Amaron bike batteries are popular for their cranking power, maintenance-free operation, and all-weather performance. These batteries demonstrate Amaron’s commitment to technology that exceeds riders’ expectations. Pro Rider and Hi-Rider power sources satisfy riders and enhance riding. Amaron bike batteries are dependable and simple to ride. The firm prioritises quality and longevity, so riders can trust their batteries. Amaron batteries are designed for motorcyclists’ varied terrain.

8. SF Sonic Mobikar:

Based on its extensive battery manufacturing expertise, SF Sonic Mobikar delivers durable and high-performance bike batteries. SF Sonic’s motorbike Mobikar series delivers reliable power in various riding conditions. Bike lovers seeking a stable power source like the brand’s quality and longevity. SF Sonic Mobikar’s bike battery endeavour uses its high-quality battery expertise. Precision-engineered Mobikar bikes withstand tough situations.

SF Sonic Mobikar batteries last long and offer power in every weather and terrain. SF Sonic’s Mobikar series fulfils motorcycle power needs. By tackling these challenges, SF Sonic enhances cyclist battery performance and longevity. The brand’s reliable power supply will please bike aficionados who value performance and durability. Excellent quality and longevity make SF Sonic Mobikar a popular bike. Technology and durability provide motorcyclists confidence on the road with the brand’s batteries. SF Sonic Mobikar batteries make biking more exciting and dependable by meeting riders’ changing needs.

9. Base Loadrunner MF:

In India, Base Loadrunner MF pioneered maintenance-free, high-performance bike batteries. The brand’s deliberate emphasis on these essential features has helped it satisfy motorcyclists’ shifting demands and maintain its place as a top option for dependable and durable power sources. Base Loadrunner MF employs high-tech production and quality control. Every Base Loadrunner MF battery meets motorcyclists’ high requirements on varied terrain and tough circumstances with this assurance. In a competitive market, the brand’s commitment to excellence earns the confidence and choice of discriminating bike lovers

Base Loadrunner MF’s battery design emphasises “maintenance-free” technology. Biker enthusiasts value hassle-free operation, thus the brand’s batteries need minimum care so they can enjoy the ride. This focus on user-friendliness has made Base Loadrunner MF popular among bikers who want a smooth ride. In the Indian bike battery market, Base Loadrunner MF has prioritised maintenance-free operation and great performance. Quality control, innovative production, and this approach have driven the brand to the top of the business. Base Loadrunner MF is more than just a battery, it’s a reliable power source that enhances cycling.

10. Hella:

Global automotive pioneer Hella now provides bike batteries with unparalleled durability and efficiency. Hella’s bike batteries are designed to survive harsh riding conditions, giving motorcyclists a stable energy source. Hella’s long history of innovation and quality makes it a top bike battery manufacturer in India. Hella’s foray into bike batteries is based on producing goods that surpass motorcyclists’ expectations. Hella batteries represent riders’ dynamic road experiences by enduring a range of riding situations. Hella batteries are endurance-focused for dependable power when riders need it.

Hella prioritises bike battery efficiency. Due to the demands imposed on power sources during long rides, the brand’s products emphasise on efficiency and reliability. Efficiency matches with the brand’s drive to innovation and meets motorcyclists’ demands for a power source that keeps up with their adventures.


The two wheeler market is no doubt quite dynamic, with new technologies entering into the market. The batteries are also experiencing much changes as a result of that. The companies selling these bike batteries are constantly looking for better and more proficient solutions for the process. The proper running of the bikes is possible thanks to these batteries and their best quality.

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