Top 10 Popular Bike Tyre Brands in India

You see, in India, we have more bikes on the roads than cars, which is pretty understandable. Bikes are more affordable and easy to get around with, that’s why many people like to buy bikes in the country, even if they already own a car. And that’s the reason, the bike tyre market in the country is so big, compared to other countries around the globe. That’s the same reason why so many foreign companies have made entrance into this particular segment of the Indian market and are competing with each other to win the most market share. If that is something you truly find intriguing then keep on reading because we are about to give you a quick lowdown on the top 10 leading bike tyres brands in India. Here we go.

1. MRF Limited


Can you believe it, MRF Limited, an Indian tyre giant, started as a small toy balloon unit back in 1946 in Madras (now Chennai)? And now, they’re India’s largest tyre maker! They began with tread rubber in 1952, turned into a public company in 1961, and now, they make all sorts of rubber stuff like tyres, treads, tubes, you name it. In the bike tyre world, MRF has made some cool stuff, like MRF Nylogrip, MRF Meteor, and the MRF Zapper series. They even brought in the NV Series, like the rad Revz range, bringing tubeless radial tyres to India.

These tyres are made for high-end bikes, mainly the 150cc+ ones, and are pretty popular for their performance and stability. And yeah, MRF’s got some smart moves in marketing too.

2. CEAT Tyres

This big name in the Indian tyre industry has roots dating back to 1924 in Italy. Founded by Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, CEAT, originally Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino, is now a global tyre giant under the RPG Group. They first set foot in Mumbai in 1958, marking their start in India. Today, CEAT makes over 165 million tyres a year for all kinds of vehicles like bikes, cars, trucks, buses, you name it. And what about quality and innovation? CEAT’s big on that.

They teamed up with Yokohama Rubber Company in 1993 for radial tyres, showing their dedication to tech. In bike tyres, CEAT’s Zoom XL stands out. It’s made for both regular and performance bikes and is known for its grip and longevity, which is obviously something young riders who want speed and reliability would love.

3. TVS Eurogrip (TVS Tyres)

And then there’s TVS Eurogrip, part of the famous TVS Group from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This group does a lot, like making two-wheelers, tyres, and other auto stuff. TVS Eurogrip is big in the bike tyre game, offering a variety of different bikes. Take the Roadhound tyre, for instance, made for premium bikes. It’s quite a hit, especially in the sub-400cc motorcycle tyre market. These tyres are a product of serious research and are made in a huge facility near Madurai. They’re unique, with four different compounds in one tyre. The sides are softer for better grip, while the middle is harder to last longer. TVS Eurogrip says these tyres can last more than 15,000 km, though, in India, it might be a bit less because of different roads and stuff.

4. Apollo Tyres

Established way back in 1972, this brand has become a big name in the tyre world, not just in India but globally too. They’ve got six manufacturing units, four of them in India, and one each in the Netherlands and Hungary. And in 2016, they jumped into the two-wheeler tyre game, and boy, did that make waves! Their bike tyres, like the Apollo Alpha S1 and the Apollo Tramplr ST, have been a hit, to say the least. The Alpha S1 is this cool tubeless tyre that comes in all sorts of sizes. It’s known for its awesome grip, whether the road’s wet or dry and for its top-notch braking. That’s not it though, it’s comfy, reduces those annoying vibrations, and makes steering and cornering a breeze.

The Tramplr ST? It’s built for the regular bikes we see every day but adds a bit of sportiness to the mix. They’ve made sure it’s consistent in quality, no matter which version you pick. And yeah, they’ve even got a whole range of tyres for different vehicles like cars, SUVs, trucks, you name it.

5. Bridgestone

Bridgestone Corporation, hailing from Japan, has been around since 1931. Its founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, named it Bridgestone, which is pretty much “Ishibashi” in English. Fast forward to 2021, and they’re the biggest tyre maker out there. You see, they were the first in Japan to sell rayon cord tyres back in ’51 and nylon tyres in ’59. Their first plant outside Japan popped up in Singapore in 1965. And yeah, they’re all about those radials and expanding across the globe.

Their bike tyres, like the Exedra Max and Battlax AT41, are something else. The Exedra Max is durable and performs like a champ, while the Battlax AT41 is perfect for adventure bikes, balancing on-road and off-road use like a pro.

6. Pirelli Bike Tyres

Now, let’s talk about Pirelli, shall we? This is an Italian story that started way back in 1872. Imagine that! Giovanni Battista Pirelli in Milan, Italy, had this idea, and boy, did it take off. And, it’s not just about cars though, they’re big in the motorcycle and bicycle tyre game too. So, what’s their star player after all? It’s the Pirelli P Zero Race TLR tyre. This thing is a marvel, really. It rolls smoothly, fights off punctures like a champ, and gives bikes this feeling like they’re gliding in the air. It’s got speed, and grip, and is a top pick for those who love to feel the rush on the road.

And yeah, Pirelli isn’t just some big name in Italy. They’re quite popular for their stuff in over 160 countries, with a whopping 19 factories in 13 countries. They’re a major league player in the tyre game, no doubt about it though.

7. JK Tyre & Industries

JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is not just any name, it’s a flagship company of the JK Organisation, and it is among the top in India’s tyre game and even ranks globally! Established way back in 1974 in Delhi, JK Tyre has been a pioneer, especially known for leading the charge in the Truck/Bus Radial Tyre segment. Their vision is simply to be among the most admired companies in India.

They have a massive range of products or should we say tyres, covering everything from trucks, buses, and passenger cars, to even SUVs. And their foray into bike tyres? Definitely noteworthy. And with a whopping production of over 20 million tyres a year, they sure are one of the biggest tyre manufacturers, not just in India though, but in the world.

8. Michelin

This French multinational tyre manufacturing company was started by the Michelin brothers, Édouard and André, in 1889. They began with a focus on bicycle tyres, and look where they are now, covering motorcycles, automobiles, and even aircraft. They even invented the removable tyre, the pneurail, and, of course, the radial tyre in 1946. The quality, durability, and performance of their products? Well, that is exactly why consumers across the globe prefer Michelin.

Their impact in the bike tyre segment, with products like the Michelin Force AM2 and Michelin Wild AM, is significant. The Force AM2 is a dream for mountain bikers, perfect for all sorts of conditions, and known for its fast-rolling and solid cornering abilities.

9. Maxxis Tyre

Maxxis, now that’s a brand with a story. A part of Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co., it’s grown to be a renowned name in the world of tyres since its founding in 1967 in Yuanlin, Taiwan. They’ve ascended to be the eleventh largest globally. They’re especially famous for their mountain bike tyres, catering to all kinds of riding disciplines like downhill, enduro, and cross-country.

Their tyres, like the Maxxis Ikon, Ardent Race, and Rekon Race, are celebrated for their innovative tech, compounds, and casings. The US operation of this brand, established in 1985, has been crucial in its expansion, especially in North America.

10. Ralco Tyres

Ralco Tyres, another significant name in the Indian tyre industry, has been quite popular since 1974. Starting with tyres tailored for Indian roads, Ralco has become a force to reckon with. They’re known for their excellence in tyre technology. Their range? It’s vast, catering to motorcycles, scooters, three-wheelers, tractors, and light commercial vehicles.

Their innovative tread designs and sturdy composition mean extended tread life, increased safety, and top-notch stability. Products like the Ralco Spark, RT-9, and others have garnered positive reviews for their durability and grip, whether it’s wet or dry.


Alright, there you have it. Apart from these 10 leading bike tyre brands, there are many local brands in the country too. But if quality, reliability, and durability are what you prefer, then go with any of these 10 brands and you’ll be good for the most part.


Q. Which Indian tyre is best for the Royal Enfield Himalayan bike for different terrain rides?

Answer: Every Indian brand has its own sets of excellence in various aspects. Apollo Tyre is well recognized for robustness and grip on highways and for mild off-roading. Bulkier build will take a toll on fuel economy potentially. Ceat Gripro tyre has Good grip on wet roads and other surfaces, probably not very tough as MRF. Good middle range of fuel economy. TVS Apache RTR has good grip and good performance on tarmac. Not very suitable for very tough terrains, and it is likely to wear out faster on unpaved roads.

Q. Is there any specific Indian Tyre with thicker sidewalls or puncture-resistant technologies?

Answer: Many Indian companies manufacture puncture-proof tyres for various applications. MRF MoGrip and Nylogrip treads have a thick nylon coating over and above which is reasonably puncture-proof. Besides the additional safety, these may come at the cost of allowing reduced comfort of the bike and lowered cornering speed possible for bike riders. A special sealant in the tyre of CEAT SecuraDrive spreads quickly to cover micro punctures to allow further travel. Remember, this technology will only allow small punctures and hence there is high need for regular monitoring by the rider.

Q. Is there any tyre for for sharper handling and sportier performance of the KTM Duke?

Answer: Some decent Indian tyre brands may not match Michelin or Pirelli’s performance. The MRF Revz FC and 140/70 R17 Battlax S22 provide excellent grip and handling for aggressive riding. The Revz FC may wear out faster and the Battlax S22 may be limited, so buyers should be wary. TVS Apache RTR tyres provide great cornering grip and road responsiveness. Durability is important for bikers, especially on long excursions. CEAT Diablo Sport tyres provide grip and agility. However, its wet weather performance and durability may not match global names.

Q. Is there any tyre for proper safety and weight reduction for Hero Splendor Bike? Can there be tubeless tyres?

Answer: SoThe Indian tubeless tyre sector is growing everyday, providing riders more options. MRF Zapper Vyde and Wanderer Tubeless are popular and economical due to grip and availability. TVS Apache RTR Tubeless tyres are performance and handling-focused; Splendour may not carry all sizes. Another favorite of riders is the Ceat Tubeless Series, which includes models such as Gripro and SecuraDrive, to suit various riding conditions. Make sure the rims are tubeless compatible before going for this.

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