Top 5 Highest Natural Gas Producing States In India

In India’s energy industry, the role of the Natural Gas is quite high. As an alternative to the coal the role of the natural gas is quite high. At present, it is taken as a very reliable option for India’s power generation process. At the same time, it is also true that the focus is at present quite high on the reduction of carbon footprint. As a result of that also, domestic natural gas production is gaining a lot of momentum. India is handling this increasing demand with expertise with 5 of Indian states producing highest quantity of natural gas. Which 5 states? Let us know about them.

Natural Gas

1. Assam: (Production: 3371 MMSCMD)

Assam is the biggest natural gas producer in India having produced 3371 Million Metric Standard Cubic Meter per Day (MMSCMD) in 2024. This has been the result of the historical significance of the state in the oil and gas exploration of India. The discovery of oil deposits near Digboi in Assam in 1889 marked the beginning of the nation’s petroleum industry. Thus, Assam has an established infrastructure for exploration and production with major players like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) having a significant presence in the region. Geographical proximity to Myanmar also positions the state at an advantageous point for possible new reserves.

2. Rajasthan: (Production: 2619 MMSCMD)

Rajasthan has emerged as a major contributor to India’s natural gas production landscape having produced 2619 MMSCMD in   2024. The discovery of potential in sedimentary basins, especially the Cambay Basin, can never be ignored. Severe natural gas finds in the Barmer district by private companies such as Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) have been a significant factor contributing to the success of Rajasthan’s production. This has invited further investments in exploration activities, and Rajasthan stands as a promising region for future growth in natural gas production.

3. Tripura: (Production: 1531 MMSCMD)

The northeast of India has witnessed sudden growth in natural gas production recently. Tripura, which lies along the border of Bangladesh, is a northeastern state of India that produced a great amount of 1531 MMSCMD in 2024. The discovery of large gas fields lies within the Tripura Formation, and development of these gas fields can be attributed to many companies, such as ONGC, among many others, who helped this state to become a natural gas-producing state.

4. Tamil Nadu:  (Production: 1067 MMSCMD)

Located on India’s southern peninsula, Tamil Nadu is considered an important state in the natural gas production in India, reaching  1067 MMSCMD in the year 2024. Large natural gas reserves lie in the Cauvery Basin, especially within the  Dharmapuri and Ariyalur districts. Public sector undertakings, for example, ONGC and private entities such as Vedanta Limited, have taken active initiatives for exploration and development of these gas fields. Apart from being used as a fuel source, these natural gas resources in Tamil Nadu are used to meet the state’s energy requirement and cater to the increasing demand for gas in South India.

5. Gujarat: (Production: 1017 MMSCMD)

Gujarat must be mentioned as the 5th major natural gas producer in India. Producing 1017 Million Metric Standard Cubic Meter per Day (MMSCMD) in 2024, Gujarat played a significant role in the natural gas production of India. It is in these extensive fields that the Cambay Basin of Gujarat has stood out. Major players such as ONGC and many private players have been actively exploring and developing these reserves. Gujarat’s strategic positioning on the western coast was also a great advantage that gave it the ease of transporting the natural gas to the rest of India.


The aforementioned 5 states have proven their worth in the energy sector by offering the largest quantity of natural gas annually. Then there are other states as well, like Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Jharkhand that are also offering substantial quantity of Natural Gas. This great supply is offering a bright future in India’s energy industry.


Q1. How does the production of natural gas benefit India?

Ans: Domestic production of natural gas reduces dependence on imported sources of energy and also helps build a means of energy security, thus promoting a greener alternative source for electricity generation and industrial use.

Q2. What does the Indian government do to increase natural gas production?

Ans: Government incentives for exploration in new locations, advanced technologies in consumption, and investment in infrastructure development for effective transportation of natural gas are some of the measures.

Q3. What is the role of natural gas in India’s future?

Ans: A strong domestic natural gas industry can benefit India in terms of economic development, environmental goals, and energy security.

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