Top 5 Largest Meat Producing States In India

Do you know that India is the top country in the world in terms of vegetarian population? Yes, that’s true, but there are as many non-veg means meat lovers as well. You see, in 2022-23, India produced around 9.77 million tonnes of meat, and that’s a huge number for sure. And there are particularly some states that produce high quantities of meat to meet the high demand. Well, today we are all about taking a good look at just that. Come with us as we explore the top 5 highest meat producing states in India as of 2024. Here we go.

Meat Producing

1. Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the top state for meat production in India, making up 12.25% of the country’s total. This state has been growing its meat production steadily, thanks to its strong farming and animal care methods. Maharashtra, on its part, continues developing the quality of the animals and expanding the volume of produced meat. At the same time, it focuses on the application of more advanced methods and updating its equipment to remain the leader in this area.

2. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is another big name in India’s meat industry but it has some big challenges because of new rules. It contributes to the national production at 12.14%, just marginally less than Maharashtra. The meat production in the state fell to 1.16 million tonnes from 1.3 million tonnes during 2014-15 owing to the stringent rules about slaughterhouses and many of them being closed. Despite these issues, Uttar Pradesh remains important to India’s meat market, but its future in this area will depend on how it handles these new rules and supports its local businesses.

3. West Bengal

West Bengal, adding 11.63% to India’s total meat production, has good facilities for processing both poultry and livestock meat. Its wet climate and plenty of water always give a boost to raising animals in most rural and semi-urban areas of the state. The government of West Bengal has a policy of assisting small farmers and scheduling them for training related to taking care of animals and managing them on the farm more efficiently. A high population of this state also regularly eats fish and meat, and both these foods are helping the demand stay sustained. This is helping the meat industry grow down there.

4. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh produces 11.04% of India’s meat, with a strong focus on farming animals together with other farm activities. Proper focus is given to farming animals, apart from various other farm activities. Andhra Pradesh is a state that utilizes scientific techniques in feeding and maintaining good health for animals so that a large quantity of meat is produced. Being on the East Coast, it is easy for Andhra Pradesh to send off the meat products to other places, ultimately benefiting the economy of the state.

5. Telangana

Telangana is fifth on the list, responsible for 10.82% of the meat produced in the country. This state’s meat industry gets great advantages from innovative farming policies and big investments in developing livestock. The main focus of the Telangana state has been better breeding and feeding techniques, ensuring quality and improved production. Proper stress has been laid on looking after the health of the animal through timely vaccinations and better veterinary care, ensuring quality production of meat. Besides, the state of Telangana works to grow the economy of its rural setup by supporting animal farming because meat production has really improved the livelihood of many in the state.


Q1. What is the main source of meat in India?

Ans: In India, people mostly eat fish, cow and buffalo meat, mutton, goat, pig, and chicken.

Q2. What is the size of the meat industry in India?

Ans: India’s meat market is quite big. In 2024, it is worth about 14.39 billion USD. By 2029, it’s expected to grow to 16.07 billion USD. Each year, it grows by about 2.23%.

Q3. Which city or state in India consumes the most meat?

Ans: According to statistics, almost everyone in Bengal (99.2%) eats meat. Other places with high meat consumption include Telangana (95.6%), Kerala (98.5%), Tamil Nadu (96.4%), and Puducherry (97.6%). Goa also has a high percentage of meat eaters at 96%.

Q4. What is the problem with the meat industry in India?

Ans: A big problem in the meat industry is the methane gas from buffalo and cattle. These animals release methane gas during digestion, which is not good for the environment.

Q5. Which countries import meat from India?

Ans: The main buyers include Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, Arab countries, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

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