Traditional Dress of Maharashtra [Men & Women]

Have you ever wondered what the traditional dress of Maharashtra is? Marathi folk music, literature, cuisine, and the famous lezim dance showcase Maharashtra’s rich heritage and culture. The traditional dress of Maharashtra for men and women is very realistic and practical in their approach. Unlike the occupation, which is agriculture on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, People wear specific outfits that help them be comfortable and work quickly on farms. In this article, let us glance at the traditional dress of Maharashtra for men and women.

Traditional dress of Maharashtra Men

1. Dhoti-Kurta with feta (turban) around their head

In Maharashtra, Men wear traditional dresses such as dhoti and kurta. Dhoti is a unique piece of cloth tied around the waist. Each side has five knots, and the loose end is folded at the back. These clothes are generally white or saffron. Dhotis are often worn during special ceremonies or rituals.

maharashtra man traditional dress

Talking about Kurtas, they are short cotton pieces of clothing worn above the dhoti. The fabric is usually cotton since Maharashtra has a hot and humid climate. As it soaks away sweat, the cloth suits the environment. It is primarily white and gives a classic and perfect combination when worn with the dhotis.

Phetas, or turban, is a headgear that covers the head from scorching heat waves. It is usually made of light-coloured fabrics. Phetas are worn during special occasions like weddings, poojas, cultural festivals and other rituals. However, it portrays a symbol of pride, prestige, respect and honour.

2. Bandi

A form of waistcoat worn across a kurtas. These are sleeveless jackets or coats. Bandis add an essence of a formal twist on the traditional dress of Maharashtra men. Usually made of cotton fabric, these unique coats are designed with the warm weather in Maharashtra. Bandi gives an appealing and aesthetic look during festivals—a traditional attire blending modern touches.

Traditional dress of Maharashtra Women

1. Sarees

A typical Maharashtrian look comprises a 9-yard-long saree. It is also known as ‘Nauvari’ in Marathi language. The draping style is unique and gives comfort and the freedom to walk around freely. Even the lower part of the saree is tucked in the form of a typical dhoti. Then comes the Paithani saree coming from the town of Aurangabad. These sarees are made of handwoven silk with vibrant colours and intrinsic designs. Peshwai Sarees are no less in terms of their royal and rich look. The distinct patterns with fascinating borders reflect the great Maratha Regime. Karvat kathi sarees are usually inspired by the flora and fauna designs on their borders. They are scissor-cut sarees known for their elegance.

2. Ghagra and Choli

A long flowing skirt is worn with choli and dupatta. This traditional dress of Maharashtra is a part of the festive and bridal attire. Cholis are short-sleeved blouses worn on the upper body to match the ghagra. This choli is paired with a half-draped saree and looks immensely beautiful. On many occasions, the sarees are red or green with a colour-matching choli that enhances the overall beauty of the wearer.

3. Himroo and Mashru traditional attires

Himroo and Mashru are the traditional fabrics of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. It is similar to a shawl and is often known for its luxurious texture. Such fabrics are used in sarees and shawls. Mashru is a shiny cotton and silk blended piece of clothing.

4. Footwears

The world-famous Kolhapuri chappals are exclusively manufactured in the Kolhapur District of Maharashtra. These footwear are well-known for their longevity and durability. Kolhapuri chappals can be worn regularly or during special occasions. The only difference is in its material. Cotton material is used periodically, whereas silk material is a bit expensive and is used for weddings, festivals, and other occasions.

5. Jewellery

‘Nath’ is an extraordinary nose pierce ornament paired with a nauvari or traditional saree. They are made of gold. Married womens in Maharashtra wear these green bangles with matching sarees, gold or silver necklaces and a beautiful nath. Silver Toe rings are also worn by these married women and are said to be a sign of prosperity and are believed to strengthen the uterus.


The traditional dress of Maharashtra men-women is being extinguished due to urbanisation. Moreover, protecting traditional Maharashtrian dresses’ styles, names, and accessories is crucial. Even if people are coming up with Western forms of dresses. Still, people in the rural and tribal areas of Maharashtra prefer to wear traditional attires as they choose comfort over style.

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