Top 5 Smallest States In India By Area

India is known as a pretty diverse country, not only in terms of culture, languages, and people but also in terms of the size of the states we have down here. It is not like every state is sized perfectly, instead, comparing states by area covered, you’ll find a huge difference. And today, we are here to talk about just that. But for this post, we are only focusing on the top 5 smallest states in India by area. So if you are interested in these tiniest states of India but still rich in culture and other aspects, then keep on reading. Here we go now.

1. Goa (3,702 km²)

Goa State

As you might have already guessed, yes, Goa takes the top spot as India’s tiniest state, nestled on the western coast. Just around 3,702 km², Goa itself has a population of about 1.56 million in 2022 from the latest count. Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and good impact of Portuguese culture. Because of this rare mix, tourists throng the state from across the country, overseas, and, in fact, from a good number belonging to Russia. This has gone a long way in contributing to the economy of the state, the same way mining and farming play major roles in relation to the economy of the state.

2. Sikkim (7,096 km²)

And with a 7,096 km² lad area, Sikkim comes in at the second spot on this list as well with a population of just 6.90 lakh people living here. Besides this, Sikkim is famous for its rich biodiversity and also has the distinction of the Khangchendzonga National Park. The park has been mentioned and declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Agriculture, tourism, and floriculture contribute to the state economy right here. Sikkim is also well known for its commitment to organic farming and the beautifully serene Buddhist monasteries showcasing around the area with such noble peaceful coexistence of several cultures and religions.

3. Tripura (10,491 km²)

Tripura is situated in the northeast of the country, having a natural boundary of Bangladesh on three sides and Assam and Mizoram on the other side. The total area thus covered by the state is 10,491 km², and the population reached around 4.147 million. The key highlights here are that this state has many languages, cultures, and ethnicities. Bengali and Kokborok are the two official languages spoken there. Tripura had a great history with princely states before its merger with India in 1949. Its economy is highly based on agriculture, with some of its major products being rubber, tea, and bamboo.

4. Nagaland (16,579 km²)

Coming in at number four, the ever-forgotten state of Nagaland is home to like 16 diverse tribes with each having its own language, customs, and dress. This small area, covering 16,579 square kilometers, is inhabited by over 2 million people as per the latest population estimates. It is bordered by Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar, and Manipur. The economy of Nagaland is primarily based on agriculture, especially for terraced farming. However, the same is also very famous for its forest and tourism sectors. Among those worth mentioning is the Hornbill Festival, a colorful fiesta of the rich cultural background of the Naga tribes.

5. Mizoram (21,081 km²)

Mizoram is a state tucked in Northeast India and is bounded by the countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar, besides being surrounded by the Indian states of Tripura, Assam, and Manipur. It spreads to an area of 21,081 square kilometers in width, with an estimated population of over 1 million. And if you know anything about this state, the one thing that stands out is that Mizoram is the land of hills and valleys, with lots of greenery, right? Mostly, the people there follow the Christian religion. And just like other northeastern states, the main occupations of the local people here in Mizoram are also farming, gardening, and forestry.


Q1. Why is Goa so small?

Ever wondered why Goa is so small? The reason is that it was, indeed, that small piece of land that Goa covered and was really a true replica of what the Portuguese actually owned under their rule right here in India.

Q2. Which state is the least populous in India?

That would be Sikkim, with just 610,577 people living here, the state having the smallest population in the country.

Q3. Which state of India has the highest population density?

Leading from the front is Bihar with as many as 1102 people per square kilometer, in other words, marking it as the highest population density state in India.

Q4. What is the power of small states?

Despite not having many resources, small states are pretty good at convincing the bigger states to do things that work in their favor and hence finding their own unique strength.

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