Top 10 Popular TMT Bar Brands in India

There are so many reports coming out these days that say the construction industry in India is expected to grow up to $1.4 trillion by the end of 2025. That simply means, there will be more demand for the construction material, especially the TMT bars. And somehow, the TMT bar brands in the country are already expecting that and are already fulfilling such high demand with their top-notch quality TMT bars. If you wanna know who these top TMT bar brands are in the country that are keeping up with the rising demand for these bars, then simply keep on reading. That’s because here we will be taking a close look at the top 10 best TMT bar brands in India for 2024. So yeah, let’s get straight to the list.


sail tmt bar

SAIL is a big name in India’s steel world. They started with plants in places like Bokaro, Bhilai, and Durgapur. These plants did more than just make steel though. They helped their regions grow and shaped India’s steel story.

SAIL isn’t just about old achievements, they’ve got a new TMT bar out, and that is called SAIL SeQR. Sounds like “SAIL secure”, right? It’s made to keep buildings safe, even when scary things like earthquakes happen. The secret is pretty simple, it is strong but also flexible. It’s clean steel, made without a lot of unwanted stuff in it. You can see its unique pattern, which sticks well to concrete. And they’ve got a version that doesn’t rust easily, called SAIL SeQR-CR. For now, it’s in the eastern states, but they have big plans to take it everywhere!

2. Tata Tiscon

Tata Tiscon

Say “Tata Tiscon”, and many in India will nod. They’re a top player in the TMT bar game. They started this journey in 2000, with some tech help from Morgan in the USA. The Tata Steel story is old and big. It actually began in 1907, thanks to the Tatas.

Today, they’re not just big in India, but in places like the Netherlands and the UK too. Their Jamshedpur plant is for sure one of the largest around! Tata Tiscon has bars like the 550 and the SD, which are super strong. They’ve also got something cool like the Tata Tiscon Footing. It’s a ready-made kit to build faster and better. And then there are the Superlinks, designed to stand firm during events like earthquakes. Worried about rust? Well, they’ve got bars that resist it. On top of that, with 4000 dealers in India, getting hands on their products isn’t a big deal.

3. Shyam Steel

Shyam Steel

Shyam Steel started in 1953 and has grown big in the TMT Bar scene of the country. Based in Kolkata, they’re really the pros in making TMT Rebar, Billets, and more. They believe in safe, long-lasting steel. So, they use top-notch tech to make quality steel for India and the world too.

See, their TMT rebars are known for being uniform and tough. They don’t just make rebars. They’ve got Sturdflex to keep homes dry from the start. They also craft pretty gates and grills and make tough wires & nails too. All in all, with 15 branches and 1000 dealers, they’re everywhere in India. As of now, they have four big steel-making places in West Bengal, including a really big one in Durgapur.

4. SRMB Steel

SRMB Steel

SRMB Steel is really a big name, sitting in Kolkata, West Bengal. This brand started out in 1951, all thanks to Radha Kishan Beriwala. And ever since, they’ve grown big! How big though? Well, by 2020-21, they made over Rs.1500 crores. Yup, they are that big. As of now, SRMB is everywhere in India. They have 19 main offices and 700+ partners selling their products. Big companies love them. Some names you might recognize are DLF, Reliance, and Indian Railways.

In our opinion, SRMB likes to do things differently. They were the first to make the “X” pattern on their Fe 500-grade steel bars. This means the bars stick better to concrete. Not just that, they’re one of the few who got a special license from Belgium for their Fe 550 bars. Their bars can handle earthquakes, adding safety to buildings. They introduced a unique “Wingtip” design on their bars for even better sticking to concrete. They were the first to bring out a special Earthquake Resistant Steel bar in 2009.

5. Jindal Panther

Jindal Panther

Jindal Panther is a big player under Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL). This big company, based in New Delhi, was started by O P Jindal. They are big players in this game, making tons of steel products. Jindal Panther’s TMT Rebars are special bars they make. These bars are really good, thanks to tech from the USA and Germany.

JSPL has a unique way of making steel. They have a special plant in Odisha. This plant changes local coal into gas for steel making. This means they don’t need to buy a lot of costly coal from other countries. Did you know that people at Harvard University even studied this smart move? They use the latest tech from Siemens to make sure these bars are the best.

6. JSW Steel

JSW Steel

As you may already know they are part of the big JSW Group and are based in Mumbai. The story began in 1982. They bought a small steel mill in Maharashtra. This purchase started a bigger company called Jindal Iron and Steel Company.

In 1994, they grew again in Karnataka, a place rich in iron. This new place is huge making it one of the biggest steel plants worldwide. Fast forward to 2023, they can produce a lot of steel, in both India and the USA. Rumors are that they plan to make even more by 2025.

7. Kamdhenu Limited

Kamdhenu Limited

Next up on our list is Kamdhenu Limited, another big name in the steel world since 1995 and part of the bigger Kamdhenu Group. They got clever and tried a new business way to make everything open and lively. This was all about getting local steel folks onboard, sharing tech knowledge, and boosting everyone’s work game.

Their TMT bars have got a special name, Kamdhenu Nxt TMT bars. Made with super-cool, modern tech. They’re tough, bendy, and light on the wallet. 20% stronger? That’s what they say. They’re good against earthquakes, rust, and even fire. And they play nice with cement and won’t hurt your hands. They come in different strengths, but the Fe-550 is the most famous and preferred one. That’s really the first of its kind in India!

8. Keshree TMT

Keshree TMT

Now, let’s talk about Keshree Metallurgies, part of the Kishore Group, this brand has been around for over 40 years. They started with things we use daily, like the brand “ETA”. Then in 1989, they jumped into the steel scene of India. Started small, but look at them now, making more than 100,000 TPA of rolled steel.

From simple steel blocks, they’ve now got TMT bars too. Known for being tough, bendy, and pocket-friendly. Their 550 TMT bars and 500 d TMT Bars are simply the top-class ones. They’ve got this unique way of making and cooling steel. It means the bars are safer and bendier.

9. Rathi Steel

Did you know that Rathi Steel has been in the steel game for a whopping 79 years? Started by two visionaries, Shri Goverdhan Das Rathi and Shri Kanhaiyalal Rathi, this brand has always been about top-notch quality and fresh ideas.

And they’ve got this cool tech called “TEMPCORE.” That really sounds fancy, right? It comes from this big group in Belgium and ensures that their steel bars are really strong. And they’re one of the few in India that can use the TEMPCORE name! Because of just that, they’re right up there with the big names like Tata Tiscon and SAIL TMT.

10. Essar Steel

Essar Steel

Last on the list is another heavyweight, we are talking about Essar Steel. Born from the Essar Group, its main hub is in Mumbai. They’ve got this big steel mill in Hazira, Surat. And they have plants sprinkled in places like Visakhapatnam and Paradeep.

Going back in time, it all started in 1976. It was a piece of Essar Construction and focused on making something called hot briquette sponge iron. Though, over the years, they’ve had a couple of name changes, the last one in 2012. By the mid-90s, they added a new plant in Hazira. Fast-forward to 2003, and they teamed up with Stemcor for a cold steel unit. They even took over a Canadian steel mill in 2007. But, life isn’t always smooth sailing, they sure faced some money issues, and after a tough phase, a new company took over. And that’s how, today, they’re a part of ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India Limited.


Alright. That’s more than enough for now. All in all, these are by far the best and the top-tier TMT bar manufacturers aka brands in India. Whether you are just a curious person, or maybe you are an eager investor, we hope our today’s post has provided some valuable insight into this particular segment of the construction industry.


Q. How to make sure that the TMT bar company is selling the right graded and quality bards as per the details offered by them?

Ans: Proper verification TMT bar as per requirement is essential and visual inspection is not enough in this case. You need to go for those brands that have the mill test certificates. The certificate is to assure that each batch of those bars have proper information regarding the bar’s making, such as the chemical composition, standard maintenance (BIS 1786 & IS 15665) as well as chemical composition. Then you should also make some enquiries so far the third party checks and certifications are concerned. Make the checks as per the documentations provided by them.

Q. What features your TMT bars have that is different from the other brands in respect to weldability, ductility and earthquake resistance?

Ans: Knowing the tiny differences between stainless steel products goes beyond marketing. Technical aspects and other variables must be examined before choosing. Select a steel grade like Fe 415 or Fe 500 to determine tensile strength and ductility. Copper and chromium microalloys may strengthen and resist corrosion. Elongation, yield strength, and bendability indicate the material’s versatility. Manufacturing process research is important since it affects product quality and qualities. Micro-structuring and improved quenching may increase steel mechanical properties and performance. Independent lab tests may support the manufacturer’s claims and explain the steel’s capabilities. Technical specifications, manufacturing methods, and independent test results may assist consumers comprehend stainless steel product differences and make informed decisions based on their requirements and preferences.

Q. How much the corrosion resistance traits of the TMT bars depend on the environment?

Ans: The correct corrosion-resistant TMT bar determines construction project lifetime and structural integrity. Need reliable providers with corrosion-resistant TMT bars. Fe 500 CR, enhanced zinc, or epoxy coatings are best for severe corrosion. Understanding each TMT bar’s corrosion protection technique is crucial. Determine how effectively coating quality, protective layer thickness, and application method mitigate corrosion dangers in your application. Consulting structural engineers or corrosion experts for project-specific advice based on location and environment is advised. These specialists may assess the project site’s challenges and propose the best corrosion-resistant TMT bar for performance and longevity.

Q. What effect does the production of your TMT bar bring about in the environment, and how do you take care of environmental sustainability aspects?

Ans: Analyze the factors such as on as the recycled steel content, energy efficiency during production, and measures taken for the reduction of the carbon footprint. Question about the responsible part of the brand in waste management and resource utilization. Select the brands that are transparent and have good proactive sustainable efforts in TMT bar production.

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