Traditional Dress of Bihar [Men & Women]

Bihar is an eastern Indian state that also inherits rich cultural heritage expressed through traditional attire. The attire of Bihar is a colorful tapestry of historical and regional influence over indigenous craftsmanship. Whether it is an elegant drape of a Dhoti Kurta or the graceful fall of a Saree, every piece of cloth attires a cultural ethos and social identity of the folks of Bihar. Let’s have a glance at the traditional dresses of Bihar, all distinctive in characteristics for both male and female attires.

Bihar Men’s traditional wear includes:

Traditional men’s clothing in Bihar is simple, convenient, and utilitarian in its design. Centuries-old traditions are based on the male’s complete attire, which is set according to special attire and accessories, an integral part of the cultural heritage of the region. Basic parts of the traditional male attire in Bihar are:

1. Dhoti Kurta:

Dhoti Kurta

When talking about traditional wear for men in Bihar, a dhoti kurta is one item that cannot be missed. The dhoti is a long rectangular piece of cloth, wrapped around the waist and in between the legs. Generally, it is made from a cotton fabric and found in different shades and designs.

2. Gamcha

Gamcha is the traditional name for a man’s towel or scarf, especially one worn in Bihar as headgear or thrown across the shoulders. It is made of cotton fabric and usually has some checking or lining on it. People use the Gamcha to wipe the sweat or protect themselves from the sun. It is indispensable clothing for the male populace of Bihar.

3. Topi

As a hat, the importance of the topi is a lot in Bihar. Totally cloth made, these topi is a very important part. The varieties of these topis are also wide enough. Then there are the different patterns  and designs that you can check for these topis. Clearly, you can point out both the factors of elegance and tradition with these topis there.

Bihar Women’s Traditional Attire:

The traditional attire of Bihar’s woman exudes grace, elegance, and tradition. The dressing of a woman in Bihar is resplendent with grandeur; from the lively colors of the saree to the beautiful embroidery of the salwar kameez, meant to make a woman look radiant and stand out.

1. Saree:

The most iconic of traditional clothing that women in Bihar wear is the saree. This is a pretty great expanse of fabric, measuring about six to nine yards, which a woman can wear very gracefully. This is the one end that is supposed to be tucked into the waist, the other hung over a shoulder. It usually is made of silk, cotton, or synthetic fabric in which delicate designs, motifs, and borders are adorned. Available in a wide variety of colors and pattern selections, all reflecting the tastes of the wearers and occasions.

2. Salwar Kameez:

Another very common traditional dress for females in Bihar, mainly in urban areas, is the Salwar Kameez. Salwar Kameez is composed of the Kameez (tunic), Salwar (baggy trousers), and the Dupatta (scarf). The kameez is either made up of silk or cotton and is normally embroidered with beautiful and elegant designs or a simple design.

3. Lehenga Choli

A Lehenga Choli is much of the very common ethnic wear of most Bihar girls, especially during a marriage and festival. It consists of Lehenga, Choli, and Dupatta. The lehenga is a long skirt made of silk or brocade, embroidered all over with dainty designs, mirror work, and other ornaments.


Be it a man or a woman, the traditional dress in Bihar is an essence of its cultural heritage, finesse, and sartorial elegance. People of Bihar take pride in the customs and traditions that have been carried forth by their forefathers and, in a rich tapestry of their very own indigenous culture, through the annals of history to be passed on to their descendants.

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