Top 10 Leading Clothing Brands in India

The Indian fashion industry has a lot to offer. A great many brands have now come forth with the best style and fashion varieties. In fact, they are revolutionizing the archetypal fashion and coming up with the new ideas. 2024 will be the year of uniqueness and new innovations in this platform. From classic designs to trendy outfits, there’s something for every taste and budget. We come up with the list of top 10 famous clothing brands in India that are working profusely on fashion and new clothing ranges.

1. FabIndia:


In ethnic fashion, FabIndia combines heritage and contemporary. Rich fabrics, handcrafted designs, and eco-friendly practises make the brand a favourite in Indian wardrobes. FabIndia offers vivid kurtas and exquisite sarees for customers who respect craftsmanship and authenticity.John Bissell launched FabIndia in 1975 to offer local crafts people’s textiles and goods globally. In 1976, the company established its first stores, a turning moment.

Famous Indian store FabIndia blends tradition and innovation. John Bissell’s company has sold sustainable, handcrafted Indian culture-inspired items since 1960. Private and community-owned FabIndia values ethics and local artisans. CEO Viney Singh has overseen the company from New Delhi, India, since August 1, 2016. His leadership makes FabIndia a successful supplier of handwoven textiles, clothing, and home furnishings. The company’s quality and subsidiary Rang Bandhej Pvt. Ltd. boost its Indian retail leadership. More than 180 FabIndia stores exist now. The firm offers unique Indian-crafted designs.Along with garments, FabIndia makes high-quality soft furnishings, bed covers, and carpets. The firm has developed from humble beginnings to promote local craftsmanship internationally. FabIndia’s success derives from its products and commitment to traditional arts, local handicrafts, and global fashion. FabIndia is a brand connected with ethnic wear style and substance because it portrays India’s timeless beauty in every thread and weave.

2. Mufti:

Mufti pioneered denim and casual clothing in a changing world. Mufti’s modern designs and seamless comfort-elegant combination appeal to India’s colorful population. Mumbai-based Famous Indian menswear brand Mufti was formed in 1998. The privately owned fashion brand is known for its contemporary style and Indian sensibility. The 1,400 Mufti stores and 120 private boutiques in India provide stylish apparel to fashion-conscious guys. Originality has made the brand a contemporary clothing leader.Mumbai-based Mufti is one of India’s top 10 garment brands since 1988.

Mufti has shirts, trousers, blazers, and jackets for various occasions. Indian guys like the brand’s quality and craftsmanship in every ensemble. Mufti succeeds by understanding customers’ evolving needs and creating products that fulfill them. Innovation and growth will make Mufti the leader in Indian menswear for years. Providing original clothing to Indian clients was its major purpose, and it succeeded. Mufti offers just men’s shorts, joggers,t-shirts, outerwear, and blazers. Innovating fashion is Mufti’s trademark. People who desire fashion for their busy life love the brand’s cutting-edge style and comfort. Mufti has molded India’s fashion and symbolized uniqueness in a fast-changing world.

3. Monte Carlo:

Monte Carlo transformed from a Himalayan winter gear specialist into a varied fashion brand. In India, its sweaters and summer dresses are everywhere. Premium fabrics and creative designs have made the brand popular among fashionistas.Since 1984, Indian design powerhouse Monte Carlo has created wardrobe magic. Jawahar Lal Oswal’s garment firm, with over 1,500 stores, is well-known. In India, Monte Carlo combines global trends with local flair to provide a broad choice of apparel for every occasion. Monte Carlo’s innovative and timeless winter and weekday favorites allow people express themselves.

Monte Carlo, a Nahar group flagship, has addressed garment and fashion industry demands since 1984. India’s top 10 garment label Monte Carlo promotes high fashion. After making woolen knitted garments, the company currently offers T-Shirts, Denim, Linen Shirts, Trousers, Dresses, Shorts, Tunics, and more.

4. Pepe:

Since 1973, London-based Pepe Jeans has influenced fashion. The brand perfectly blends creativity and elegance to produce iconic denim designs that reflect worldwide fashion trends. Pepe Jeans’ soft, high-quality denim and diverse wardrobe assortment appeal to casual wear aficionados and fashionistas. Pepe Jeans began from London’s bustling streets in 1973 with youth and denim love. The brand was started by Nitin, Milan, and Arun Shah and became recognized for its stylish, casual garments with an edge. Marcella Wartenbergh, M1 Group CEO, has guided Pepe Jeans to global domination since 2019.

By embracing authenticity and creativity, Pepe Jeans has reinvented denim while keeping faithful to its tradition and adapting to new trends. Pepe Jeans, one of India’s top 10 garment companies, is the best for fashion and comfort due to its timeless elegance and modernity.  Spanish brand Pepe Jeans takes inspiration from the world’s vibrant cities to give its clothes a global touch. The London-based firm continues its tradition of excellent denim and street style. Wear their straight-leg jeans or a cozy PepeJeans sweater to channel a long history of youthful disobedience and simple elegance. Pepe Jeans’ environmental and ethical origins may make you feel good about wearing them.

5. Louis Philippe:

Louis Philippe represents classy men’s fashion. For discerning guys, the brand offers high-quality formal wear, premium fabrics, and painstaking attention to detail. Men go to Louis Philippe for stylish suits and classic shirts.

Louis Philippe, created in 1989 by the Aditya Birla Group, is one of India’s top 10 garment firms. Elegant menswear that mixes traditional and current styles is sold at over 2,700 stores in India and internationally. Louis Philippe’s dedication to exquisite designs and materials has made it the epitome of finesse.

6. Allen Solly:

Allen Solly’s youthful designs have transformed Indian casual clothing. The brand’s innovative designs and vast assortment of garments reflect modern Indian life. Allen Solly’s eclectic casual Friday and weekend brunch outfits appeal to urban youth’s current sensibilities. Allen Solly, one of India’s top 10 garment firms, makes comfortable, casual outfits that meet clients’ needs.

Overcoats, jackets, jeans, tunics, slacks, and more are formal wear for men and women. Allen Solly strives to be a one-stop shop for fashionistas seeking comfort and style, and its adaptability shows this. Allen Solly has over 207 stores and is prominent online.

7. W for Women

Fashion-forward Indian women choose W for its sophisticated, stylish clothing that matches their lifestyles. W is noted for its versatility, combining professional office attire and stylish casuals.The brand’s commitment to fashion trends and affordability has kept it popular with discerning consumers

W seamlessly applied western trends and shapes to Indian clothing. W, one of India’s top 10 garment firms, sells trendy shirts, bottoms, dupattas, and drapes. The brand’s fashion-forward approach extends beyond garments, reflecting modernity and client preferences. W’s blend of old and new has made it a fashion powerhouse in India.

8. Park Avenue:

Formal and semi-formal apparel business Park Avenue has long given men and women elegance. Business and smart-casual outfits are available for many preferences. Park Avenue is appreciated by sophisticated and discriminating fashionistas for its superb craftsmanship and timeless designs.

Park Avenue, one of India’s top 10 garment firms, makes jeans, jackets, winter gear, and more. Its diverse items, distinctive collections, and exceptional customer service set it apart. The brand’s customer-focused distribution network includes over 600 The Raymond Shops and 50 Exclusive Brand Stores.

9. Wrangler:

Global denim legend Wrangler influences Indian fashion. The rugged denim of Wrangler appeals to men and women’s adventurous attitude with a blend of classic and current designs. Jeans aficionados countrywide love the brand’s quality and authenticity, from traditional jeans to trendy jackets.

The 1947-founded American jeans and clothing company Wrangler makes high-quality men’s garments. A one-year warranty for every product distinguishes the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and product lifetime.

10. BIBA:

A household name for Indian women, BIBA offers stunning ethnic wear for every occasion. From vibrant lehengas to graceful sarees, their designs cater to traditional sensibilities while incorporating modern touches. Founded by Meena Bindra in 1988, BIBA has become synonymous with vibrant, contemporary, and elegant ethnic wear. The brand has successfully blended traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern designs, catering to the diverse fashion needs of women.


The Indian Fashion offers a great option this year to rediscover the nooks and corners of looks and designs and the aforementioned companies have grabbed the opportunity to present the best range of clothing. Constant experimentations with ideas, designs and colors have made these brands the top ones so far the customer choice is concerned. The new clothing ranges are truly refreshing to the eye. In the world fashion, these companies have their marked presence and now, from India, they are making their mark.

Clothing Brands FAQs

Q. Do Indian clothing brands offer online shopping?

Ans: Yes, many Indian clothing brands offer online shopping through their official websites or through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Ajio.

Q. Are there any plus-size clothing brands in India?

Ans: Yes, there are several plus-size clothing brands in India that cater to individuals with diverse body types. Some examples include:

  • aLL – The Plus Size Store
  • LastInch
  • Oxolloxo
  • Amydus
  • Pluss

Q. What are some popular Indian ethnic wear brands?

Ans: India is known for its rich diversity in ethnic wear. Some popular Indian ethnic wear brands include:

  • Manyavar
  • Biba
  • Fabindia
  • Ritu Kumar
  • W for Woman
  • Anita Dongre

Q. Are there any international clothing brands with a presence in India?

Ans: Yes, several international clothing brands have a presence in India through their own stores or collaborations with Indian retailers. Some examples include:

  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Mango
  • Gap
  • Forever 21
  • Nike
  • Adidas
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