Top 10 Popular Water Tank Brands in India

In a country where storage of water is part of the life activities people carry out on daily basis, demand for workable and convenient water tanks has surged in the past. Now in Indian market several water tank brands with each one trying to beat the other brand in terms of quality and product demand satisfaction. To buy one, we will need understanding the needs and demands that befall a water tank. Capacity, construction, and the water pressure are three necessary aspects to be considered before buying a water tank. Now, let us take a look at the top 10 bestselling water tank brands based on revenue earnings and their market coverage in India.

1. Sintex Water Tank


Sintex Water Tank leads the Indian water tank market with USD 720 million. Due to decades of research and development, the brand has a huge reputation. Due to its durability, reliability, and distinctive design, Sintex tanks are used in many applications.Sintex Water Tank leads residential and commercial water tank manufacturing. India’s top water tank manufacturer sells Sintex and other brands. Sintex’s diverse product portfolio satisfies client needs, making it a trusted water storage supplier.Sintex excels beyond water tanks. The company offers rainwater harvesting and purifiers. Strategic development reflects Sintex’s dedication to evolving client needs and integrated water management solutions. Sintex supplies pipes, valves, and fittings, making it a water infrastructure provider.The 1990-founded Sintex dominates the water tank, rainfall collecting, and purification businesses. Durability and leadership show the brand’s capacity to react to market changes and meet client expectations. Since Sintex innovates, its products are more reliable and durable than industry norms.

2. Penguin Water Tank

Penguin Water Tank earns USD 2 million, second in  our list. Penguin has built its brand on quality and innovation despite its small market share. The brand is popular for domestic and business water storage because to its durability and efficiency.Penguin Water Filtration Systems, a Penguin Water Tank firm, is a renowned Mumbai water treatment system producer. For over 35 years, Penguin Water Systems has pioneered water treatment. After delivering over 30,000 systems, the company enjoys widespread consumer trust.Quality commitment makes Penguin Water Tank successful. Penguin aquariums are durable and water-efficient. Dependability helps Penguin dominate a market dominated by larger enterprises. Innovation maintains the firm leading water storage technologies.Water Filtration Systems maintains Penguin’s expertise and innovation. Specialising in water treatment technologies, the division has improved Mumbai’s water quality. Penguin Water Systems has created and updated industry standards for over 30 years.

3. Aqua Tech Water Tank

Sales of USD 19 million make Aqua Tech Water Tank an industry leader. Modern technology and environmental sustainability set the brand apart in the competitive sector. Aqua Tech’s water tanks are designed to withstand adverse conditions for long-term reliability and enjoyment.Hyderabad’s Aqua Tech Water Tank is a leading Indian water tank manufacturer. Aqua Tech Water Tank offers high-quality water storage countrywide since 2009. Over eight years, Aqua Tech has been a reputable water tank manufacturer.Aqua Tech Water Tank is a leader in water tank production, supply, and export. This brand’s 8-year existence exhibits its quality and innovation. Aqua Tech’s water tank solutions satisfy Indian consumers’ needs.Aqua Tech Water Tank’s strong revenue and technical focus make it successful. The brand’s water tanks exceed industry standards employing cutting-edge technology. Due of its ingenuity, Aqua Tech anticipates client needs.

4. Plasto Water Tank

With USD 13 million to USD 67 million in sales, Plasto Water Tank ranks third. This revenue variability reflects the brand’s commitment to provide a variety of items for diverse customers. The quality and corrosion-resistant, UV-stabilized tanks of Plasto survive longer.Indian water storage tank company Plasto Water Tank is growing and producing high-quality products. The company makes industry-standard water storage tanks and is among the best in the country. Plasto’s diverse income indicates its commitment to quality and client satisfaction.Plasto Water Tank’s success stems from creating tough tanks. The company makes durable water storage systems because customers deserve the best. Plasto Tanks’ materials exceed customer durability and performance standards.The corrosion-resistant and UV-stabilized Plasto tanks survive longer. These qualities make Plasto Water Tanks durable. Quality and durability complement the brand’s goal of long-lasting, worry-free tanks.

5. Vectus Water Tank

Vectus Water Tank’s USD 72 million profit strengthens its market position. Innovation and customer service distinguish Vectus, a prominent water storage firm. The company offers several tanks for residential, commercial, and industrial use.Vectus Water Tank is a leading water storage producer and supplier. The company has always stressed innovation to meet consumers’ shifting demands across sectors with a customer-centric strategy. Vectus is known for its unique water storage devices that save water.Our products are ideal for home, commercial, and industrial use. The brand’s commitment to numerous consumer segments displays market awareness. From residential tanks to commercial storage facilities, Vectus is durable and efficient.Beyond its goods, Vectus Water Tank saves water and is sustainable. The brand uses water wisely to help the environment. Vectus is popular in a sustainable market because users are environmentally conscious.Since 2004, Bangalore, India-based Vectus has provided high-quality rainwater and storage tanks. Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune businesses trust the brand. Vectus’s presence in major cities indicates its commitment to providing high-quality solutions.

6. Ocean Water Tank

Ocean Water Tank’s USD 72 million sales equal Vectus’, cementing its water storage sector leadership. Ocean, a known brand, offers durable and innovative solutions to fulfill consumer needs. The brand’s focus on adverse weather tanks displays its commitment to reliable water storage in numerous settings.Ocean Water Tanks is a leading Indian water tank manufacturer. Ocean shows its dedication to quality by using the finest fiberglass. Durable, UV-resistant, and anti-corrosive tanks last. Tanks deteriorate less with fibreglass’ mold and microbial protection.High-quality fibreglass complements Ocean’s commitment to reliable and safe water storage. The material’s small weight simplifies installation, matching consumers’ needs. Ocean Water Tanks are available in several sizes and shapes for home, commercial, and industrial applications.

7. Supreme Water Tank

Supreme Water Tank maintained its industry leadership with a sixth-place result and $135 million in sales. Supreme offers a variety of high-quality water storage alternatives. Their tanks are utilized in homes, companies, and farms, showing their versatility.Supreme Water Tanks is India’s leading Underground and Water Storage Tank manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. The brand sells home, commercial, and industrial water storage solutions. Supreme supplies Underground Water Tanks in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Supreme Underground Water Tanks come in several materials, sizes, and shapes to satisfy client demands. Supreme’s flexibility displays its commitment to diverse customers. Supreme’s Underground Water Tanks provide reliable storage for homes, businesses, and industries.

8. Ashirvad Water Tank

Ashirvad Water Tank sells USD 410 million, ranking sixth. This tremendous achievement demonstrates the brand’s excellence and inventiveness. Ashirvad’s tanks are suitable for significant projects because to their durability, quality, and international compliance.Leading Indian water tank maker Ashirvad Water Tanks Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 1989 by Mr. ManikLal Jain. The market leader is known for its high-quality water tanks. Modern industrial facility is Ashirvad’s center in New Delhi. The brand’s Gurgaon, Haryana high-tech headquarters emphasizes manufacturing and efficiency.Ashirvad Water Tanks offers several business and residential items. The brand’s many offerings demonstrate its flexibility, providing clients several options. The products’ scalability for huge projects shows Ashirvad’s application capabilities.

9. Storewel Water Tank

Storewel Water Tank’s top 10 rating indicates market dominance, but its revenue is unclear. Storewel stands apart for quality and customer service. Their accurate tank construction demonstrates they care about their customers, making Storewel a reputable water storage firm.Storewel Water Tank is a leading Indian water tank, reservoir, and storage system manufacturer. Over 25 years of operational excellence have made the company a leading water tank manufacturer. Storewel’s water storage expertise makes it reliable and durable.Storewel’s water storage devices meet several needs. Storewel provides reliable household, commercial, and industrial water tanks.

10. National Plastics Water Tank

National Plastics Water Tank, like Storewel, does not publish its revenue, but its top 10 ranking suggests market share. National Plastics Water Tank prioritizes durable and economical water storage solutions for a wide range of consumers.National Plastics has been a leading Indian water tank producer since 1960. India has received high-quality water tanks, accessories, and construction materials from the firm. Due to its 60-year history and expertise, National Plastics is trusted in water storage.National Plastics produces and sells industrial and residential water tanks. This diverse product selection reflects the brand’s response to client expectations across applications. National Plastics makes high-quality residential and commercial water tanks.


In a country where water scarcity is a prevailing concern, the significance of reliable water storage solutions cannot be overstated. The top 10 water tank brands in India, as of 2024, showcase a diverse range of products catering to the diverse needs of consumers. From small-scale residential tanks to large-scale industrial solutions, these brands continue to shape the market with their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. As consumers increasingly prioritize water conservation and efficiency, the competition among these leading brands is expected to drive further advancements in the industry.

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