10 Most Beautiful Flowering Plants In India

India is a country of diversity, some really beautiful flowering plants have their habitat here. Found all over the country, their flowers captivate all with a charm of its own. Some of these flowering plants flower according to the change in season, while some bloom to grace the landscape all around the year. Not only are these matchless in their beauty, but many of them also boast unique fragrances. We will now take a look at the 10 most beautiful flowering plants in India that reveal the splendours of nature’s colour palette.

1. Rose


The rose is a flower that everyone likes. It is found all over India. One can see it in gardens, parks, and sometimes even in pots in people’s homes. The rose is found in many colours: some are red, some are pink, white, yellow, etc. It has a sweet smell and soft petals. People give Roses for love and friendship. It is really special because it looks beautiful and smells great. We can see roses in the whole of India as it grows in almost all places.

2. Marigold


Marigold is such a flower that is found easily with bright colours, like orange and yellow. Generally, marigold is used when there are festivals or any religious events in India, as marigolds are not tall with many leaves. Its flowers are like little suns—very bright. People are fond of marigolds in India, as they are pretty and grow with very little effort; they can make any place look brilliant and take on its colour.

3. Hibiscus


Hibiscus is a large flower found in India. The colour of the hibiscus flowers may vary from red to pink, white, or yellow. The flower is large and has five or even more petals. The leaves of the hibiscus plant are coloured green. This plant is also quite tall. One of the flowers, one can see them in most of the gardens. The people of India like this flower for its pretty look. Hibiscus is also good for health; some people even use it for tea.

4. Jasmine


Jasmine is small and white, having a very strong smell and a very sweet one. Jasmine is common in all parts of India. The jasmine flowers are usually white, although some are found to have shades of yellow and small jasmine shrubs. People in India make garlands of Jasmine flowers to put into their hair. The smell of Jasmine is very nice. It makes homes and gardens fragrant.

5. Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea is a plant with thin branches, and the flowers are pink, red, orange, and white. It is found in all of India. Bougainvillea can be found in the compound growing on walls and fences. It looks like a spread of colourful cloth has been spread on the wall. The flowers are very small, and it is the leaf that appears like a flower with beautiful colours. Thus, bougainvillaea is very colourful and easily maintained, in India, most people like the plant for making any place bright and beautiful.

6. Plumeria


Plumeria is a beautiful plant, mostly in warm parts of India. Its branches are thick with leaves at the end. The flowers of plumeria are very pretty with a sweet smell. They can be white, yellow, pink, or red. Each flower has five petals that reflect from the centre like a star. Plumeria is a flower loved by Indians, as it looks very beautiful, and the smell is also very nice. You may find this flowering plant in parks and gardens. They make the place look more peaceful and smell good.

7. Oleander


The oleander is a shrub that grows very healthy in India. It has long green leaves and may have flowers ranging from red to pink and sometimes white. The flowers grow small, and hence they come in groups. Oleander is easily accessible, as it grows at the wayside and in gardens. People do like this plant, as it is strong and looks pretty. However, it is known that Oleander is not a safe plant for consumption. It is loved for its beauty and the bright colours of its flowers.

8. Lantana


Lantana is a small bush. Lots of color is together in it. The flowers of Lantana are grown in rounded shapes with very little size, and it is found in pink, orange, red, yellow, and many colours together. Lantana is a very special kind of flowering plant that grows in difficult places but still looks beautiful. People like the plant very much because of its butterfly-attracting properties and cheerful appearance. Mostly, it grows commonly in gardens and wild areas.

9. Ixora


This plant is shiny, dark green in colour, with small flowers that are set very close to each other. The plant is highly common in India, especially in places with higher temperatures. The colour of the flowers varies from red, to pink, orange, and yellow. The flowers seem like little rounded balls made of many small flowers. Another very good and liked one because of its easy care and prettiness is Ixora. They use Ixora mostly for garden or home decoration. It looks bright and happy in the place where it is Ixora.

10. Raat Rani

Raat Rani

Night-blooming jasmine, raat rani, is quite a special plant. Having small green leaves, its white flowers open up at night. The pretty, sweet-scented flowers of night-blooming jasmine give a strong aroma after sunset. It grows throughout India. It is loved by it because of its beautiful smell in the night. The people plant Raat Rani in their gardens so that a beautiful and sweet smell can be enjoyed during the evening. It is the most fragrant plant in India.


These 10 beautiful flowering plants are what make all India’s gardens and landscapes very beautiful. From the romantic roses to the enchanting Raat Rani, these are blooms that not only add to the natural beauty of India, but they add an extra dimension to the lives of those who behold them. Their vibrant colours and sweet scents make every corner of India a bit more magical.

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