Top 10 Best Alloy Wheels Brands in India

Compared to the traditional car wheels, Alloy wheels are the perfect way to elevate your car’s look and performance. You see, the alloy wheel market in India is growing like crazy, especially in the last decade or so. And you know what, many reports and analysts have suggested that this growth will continue, and it is pretty much possible that India’s alloy wheel market will grow past $2.44 Billion by or before 2032. If you are wondering like where we stand right now in that department, you know that in the last fiscal year, this whole market was about $ 952.1 million in size.

But you must know that there are many foreign brands and companies that are fueling this growth in India apart from some local brands that are doing pretty great as well. And if you want to know more about these brands then come with us on this post where we will talk about the top 10 leading alloy wheels brands in India for 2024. So yeah, let’s cut this intro thing and get to the actual stuff, shall we?



Did you know BORBET, the awesome wheel-making brand, kicked off in 1962 by a dude named Peter Wilhelm Borbet? It’s a top-notch company known for killer quality and fresh ideas. They craft their wheels right in Germany, and that’s a biggie because “Made in Germany” screams top-tier quality. In 2019, Mrs. Margot Borbet, Mr. Borbet’s wife, took the reins and boosted the brand’s strength.

But yeah, BORBET isn’t just about making wheels; they’re like the pros of wheel tech. They whip up wheels that are mind-blowing and fit cars like a glove. Each wheel goes through a gazillion checks, with X-rays and brainy folks ensuring they’re spot-on. And yeah, they’re so sure about their wheels, they slap on a 2-year guarantee! Folks in India are crazy about BORBET wheels, they’re super picky about their car gear, you know.

2. TSW Wheels (Tiger Sports Wheels)

TSW Wheels, originally Tiger Sports Wheels, is an old-school alloy wheel brand that is like super popular in the country right now. It all began in the 1960s when ex-racecar driver Eddie Keizan set it up. Back in the day, they had a few shops and a cozy wheel-making spot in South Africa. But come the 1980s, they exploded big time, even trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Then, they started supplying wheels to pretty much every major car brand worldwide.

As the years rolled on, TSW expanded like crazy, snapping up ATS wheels in Germany and setting up bases in Germany, Poland, South Africa, and the USA. You know, TSW is mega-famous for crafting a bunch of wicked one-piece alloy wheels, from 17 to 22 inches. People dig TSW because they’ve got wheels for every car in the world, well at least that’s what they advertise.

3. Enkei

Enkei, the top-notch wheel company, has been around since 1950 in Japan, focusing on creating lightweight wheels that are the talk of the town. In India, they became Enkei Wheels (India) Limited in 2009, branching off from Enkei Castalloy Ltd in 2010. Enkei’s wheels are a class apart, blending slick designs with high-tech materials. They rigorously test their wheels to ensure they’re nothing short of stellar.

Enkei’s not just big in India though, they’re global, supplying wheels to major car makers and even Formula 1 teams like McLaren since 1995. They’re a hit in India, especially with racers and car enthusiasts.

4. RAYS Wheels

Started in 1973 in Japan, RAYS Wheels has been all about creating some seriously cool wheels. Their top brand? Volk Racing. It’s like they’ve got magic in their hands, crafting wheels not just for your everyday car but for racing beasts too. Their secret sauce in wheel-making is something else, totally unique to them. RAYS isn’t just playing in the minor leagues, they’ve teamed up with big names like Nissan, Honda, Toyota, and Mazda, shining in all kinds of races, from Super GT to Formula One. These folks are obsessed with quality, you know, they check and double-check each wheel to make sure it’s nothing but the best.

Their wheel lineup’s got it all, Volk Racing, Gram Lights, Eco Drive Gear, you name it. Over in India, car enthusiasts are crazy about RAYS Wheels. Why? Because they make cars look slick and run like the wind. Folks here want wheels that blend style with speed, and RAYS delivers big time.

5. Neo Wheels

Jump to 1996, and there’s Neo Wheels Ltd. popping up in India, rolling out some top-notch aluminum wheels. The brain behind it? Mr. Sanjay Kacheria. This guy soaked up all he could about wheels in the U.S. and brought that know-how back home. They started with wheels for American cars, but soon shifted gears to cater to the Indian market, where people were craving fancy, sturdy, and lightweight wheels.

Neo Wheels was a pioneer in India, being the first to craft aluminum wheels. And they’re super serious about quality too you know, we’re talking an ISO certification and a lifetime warranty kind of serious. They’ve got wheels in all shapes, sizes, and styles, keeping up with what the crowd wants.

6. BBS

Now, onto BBS. Originating from Germany in the 70s, they’ve now got a reputation that’s global, including right here in India. BBS is the master of crafting wheels that are not just about looking good with their slick Y-shaped design but also about giving your car that extra zip. Fancy car drivers and racers are all over BBS wheels because they’re more than just eye candy, they’re quality beasts.

You’ll spot them on sports cars, race cars, and even your neighbor’s car that’s gone for a fancy makeover. In India, people love BBS because they’re known the world over for their cool factor. Everyone wants to add that special touch to their cars, and BBS is like their best bet.

7. Oz Racing Wheels

You’ve gotta see what Oz Racing Wheels is up to! These trendy wheel creators from Italy have been spicing up the scene since 1971. And man, do they know their stuff about stylish and zippy wheels for your car. Over in India, they’re teamed up with Hot Tracks, the go-to guys for all things Oz Racing. They’re real pros at designing wheels that not only make your car look fab but also zip it up a notch.

With 50 years under their belt, they’re all about top-notch quality and making drivers grin from ear to ear. Wanna level up your ride with that racing vibe? Swing by Oz Racing Wheels via Hot Tracks in India. Seriously, they’ve got the style and speed you’ve been dreaming about!

8. RayOne Wheels

Now yeah, RayOne Wheels may be the newcomers, but boy, are they turning heads! Right now, they’re the talk of the town for churning out over a million car wheels a year! And get this, RayOne’s got their own lab where they put their wheels through the toughest tests, just to make sure they’re top-of-the-line.

Their range? It’s awesome, from gravity wheels to low-pressure ones, and those ultra-tough forged wheels. In India though, RayOne Wheels is really winning folks over with their killer wheels and top-notch service.

9. Momo Wheels

So, Momo Wheels is this Italian brand, right? They’ve been around since 1964 and are totally famous for crafting some seriously cool car gear. It all kicked off when this racer, Gianpiero Moretti, fancied a stylish steering wheel. He got someone skilled to whip it up, and guess what? That wheel actually helped John Surtees win a Formula One championship in 1964! Fast forward to now, Momo’s got their main digs in Milan, Italy, since 2005.

They’re huge globally, even in India, where Sai Mag Wheels is bringing their game to the country. If you’re hanging around in Delhi, you can pop into Chakra Wheels, a top-notch store, and peek at their awesome collection.

10. HRE Performance Wheels

Alright, HRE Performance Wheels got its start back in 1978 over in the USA by this guy Gene Howell. Initially, they were all about selling Japanese wheels, but then they thought, “Let’s make our own.” They were trailblazers, making these high-end, multi-piece wheels. Now, they’re this big player in the wheel world, especially for luxury cars. Stationed in sunny California, they churn out these shiny, stylish wheels for those fancy rides.

Price tag? You’re looking at $3,000 to $20,000 for a set of four. Racing teams dig them, and they’ve even been on lightning-fast cars like the Gumpert Apollo and the Shelby Ultimate Aero twin turbo. Back in India, the well-off car enthusiasts are all over HRE wheels.


There you have it. So yeah, if you are some eager investor looking forward to betting your hard-earned money on the alloy wheel market of India, then you should be looking at these top brands, not any generic brand that barely makes any sales. Right?

Alloy Wheels FAQs

Q. What are alloy wheels, and how are they different from steel wheels?

Ans: Alloy wheels are made from a combination of aluminum and other metals, offering advantages such as lighter weight, better heat conduction, and improved aesthetics compared to traditional steel wheels. Steel wheels, on the other hand, are made entirely of steel and are typically heavier but more durable and cost-effective.

Q. Why should I choose alloy wheels for my vehicle?

Ans: Alloy wheels offer several benefits, including improved vehicle performance, better fuel efficiency due to reduced weight, enhanced heat dissipation, and a wider range of design options to enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Q. How do I choose the right size of alloy wheels for my car?

Ans: It’s essential to select alloy wheels that match the specifications of your vehicle, including diameter, width, and offset. Refer to your car’s manual or consult with a professional to ensure compatibility and proper fitment.

Q. What is the typical lifespan of alloy wheels?

Ans: The lifespan of alloy wheels depends on various factors, including driving conditions, maintenance, and quality of construction. With proper care and maintenance, alloy wheels can last for many years, providing reliable performance and aesthetic appeal to your vehicle.

Q. Are alloy wheels more expensive than steel wheels?

Ans: Generally, alloy wheels tend to be more expensive than steel wheels due to their lightweight construction, enhanced performance characteristics, and aesthetic appeal. However, the cost varies depending on factors such as brand, design, size, and material quality, so it’s essential to consider your budget and preferences when choosing alloy wheels for your vehicle.

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