Top 10 Popular CCTV Camera Brands in India

Security is one of the most crucial factor in the modern world. Be it the residential complexes or the corporate areas or the important landmarks, the importance of proper security and surveillance are the need of the day. This is where the requirement of CCTV is extreme. Not only that through these CCTVs proper monitoring of the areas is possible, but also that the recordings come into use when there is any investigation of checking later in case of any mishap in the area under surveillance. Of course, one has to choose the right brand for that. The right CCTV brand offers the best picture quality along with many additional features like zooming, moving the camera, sound recording, etc. Here we will share you information about the top CCTV brands that are available in India now. We will least the cheapest minimum price to the costliest ones.

1. Hikvision:


Price range: Rs.899 – Rs.20000

In India, Hikvision is a top CCTV camera brand. These Rs.899–Rs.20000 products fulfill various security demands. Due to its cutting-edge technology, high-quality photos, and exceptional customer service, Hikvision leads surveillance. Hikvision’s wide range of residential and commercial cameras is a strength. With IP cameras, HD analog cameras, PTZ cameras, and network recorders, Hikvision secures assets. Hikvision monitors tiny offices and huge industrial complexes using versatile, adaptable solutions. Hikvision cameras’ superior technology provides reliability and performance. Even in challenging settings, night vision, motion detection, and smart playback monitor users’ attributes.

2. Dahua:

Price range: Rs.1000 to Rs.50000

With its innovative solutions and high-performance equipment, Dahua Technology leads global video surveillance. Dahua’s CCTV cameras range from Rs.1000 to Rs.50000 and provide high-quality and creative features. Dahua CCTV cameras use advanced image sensors to capture excellent, detailed footage. Dahua cameras take high-quality photographs in bright or gloomy conditions, providing customers a comprehensive view. Additionally, Dahua’s CCTV cameras include superior AI functions that boost performance. Cameras can identify and track individuals using facial recognition.

3. Zicom:

Price range: Rs. 1500 to Rs. 15000

Indian security powerhouse Zicom makes dependable, robust, and creative CCTV cameras. Zicom’s analogue, IP, and PTZ cameras, ranging from Rs.1500 to Rs.15000, fulfill many security needs. Zicom’s CCTV cameras value picture quality. Modern image sensors and lenses allow Zicom cameras to capture every frame in stunning detail. Zicom cameras take high-quality photographs of residential, commercial, and industrial settings, offering consumers full visibility. Zicom’s CCTV cameras contain various novel performance-enhancing features. Motion detection alerts users to surveillance activities, enabling proactive security monitoring and response.

4. CP Plus:

Price range: Rs.1500 to Rs.15999

CP Plus, a leading Indian CCTV company, makes unique surveillance solutions. CP Plus offers a variety of cameras from Rs.1500 to Rs.15999 to meet various security needs. One of CP Plus’s best advantages is its wide camera selection for monitoring. CP Plus sells dome, bullet, network, and PTZ cameras for homes and businesses. This versatility allows clients pick the right camera for their environment and monitoring needs. In addition to its products, CP Plus makes robust and trustworthy cameras. Users seeking trustworthy security solutions choose CP Plus cameras since they can withstand harsh weather. Many novel features enhance CP Plus cameras’ use. Customers may monitor their properties using CP Plus cameras’ low-light infrared surveillance and digital zoom.

5. Godrej:

Price range: Rs. 1500 – Rs. 25000

The reliable and inventive Indian firm Godrej makes durable, cutting-edge CCTV cameras. Godrej’s IP, AHD, and wifi cameras provide superior performance and smooth surveillance for Rs.1500 to Rs.25000 for a diverse clientele. Visual quality is Godrej CCTV’s specialty. Modern image sensors and specialized optics provide Godrej cameras great video quality for monitoring and analysis. Godrej cameras improve security with high-quality indoor and outdoor images. With enhanced night vision, Godrej’s CCTV cameras capture sharp, detailed footage in low light. Customers may monitor their facilities 24/7 regardless of lighting or weather.

6. Honeywell:

Price range: Rs. 1500 to Rs. 30000

Honeywell, a smart technology pioneer, presents CCTV cameras with Intelligent Video Analytics for security. Honeywell’s IP, analogue, and specialized cameras, priced between Rs.1500 and Rs.30000, accurately and efficiently suit surveillance demands. Intelligent Video Analytics, a breakthrough Honeywell CCTV function, boosts security. Honeywell cameras use advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect, classify, and monitor objects and people in real time. This proactive security strategy helps users immediately detect and respond to assaults, lowering risks and boosting safety. Honeywell CCTV cameras are trustworthy and effective in numerous surveillance situations. Honeywell cameras provide crisp, detailed pictures in indoor, outdoor, and specialty situations like parking lots and warehouses, improving visibility and situational awareness.

7. Panasonic:

Price range: Rs. 2500 to Rs. 50000

Quality and reliability help Panasonic enhance its CCTV market position with cutting-edge technologies and durable construction. Panasonic’s Rs.2500–Rs.50000 CCTV cameras meet a range of surveillance needs with remarkable performance and durability. Panasonic’s offerings emphasize picture quality. Panasonic cameras produce video with sharpness and detail using strong image sensors and lenses. Panasonic cameras capture stunning images inside and outdoors, providing users unparalleled visibility. Panasonic’s CCTV cameras include various new features to increase performance and usability. In high-contrast situations, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) enhances exposure and contrast to capture detailed footage. Panasonic cameras employ smart coding to reduce footage for storage without impacting quality.

8. Samsung (Hanwha Techwin):

Price range: Rs. 3000 to Rs. 50000

Hanwha Techwin’s Samsung CCTV cameras are recognized for their high-quality images and unique features. Samsung’s surveillance devices, ranging from Rs.3000 to Rs.50000, are high-performing and innovative. Samsung’s CCTV cameras value picture quality. Samsung cameras use cutting-edge image sensors and optics to show every frame of video clearly and correctly. Samsung cameras provide consumers unmatched visibility and insight in crowded cities and remote industrial regions with high-quality images. Samsung’s CCTV cameras also include new features to boost use. Defocus detection alerts viewers to fuzzy or out-of-focus footage, capturing crucial moments. Samsung cameras correct lens distortion to correctly display objects and people.

9. Sony:

Price range: Rs. 5000 to Rs. 40000

Sony, a global electronics powerhouse, leads CCTV cameras with high-quality images and new technology. Sony provides accurate and reliable images for Rs.5000 to Rs.40000 for a variety of security applications. Sony CCTV cameras emphasize image quality. Sony cameras capture every moment in stunning detail with strong picture sensors and innovative technologies. Sony cameras provide clear, high-resolution images that offer consumers a unique perspective on crowded city streets or large industrial complexes. Sony CCTV cameras include new features that boost performance and usability. In high-contrast situations, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) enhances exposure and contrast to capture detailed footage. Sony cameras’ high frame rates provide smooth motion capture, which is essential for monitoring moving objects or people.

10. Bosch:

Price range: Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000

Bosch, a German multinational, offers cutting-edge technology and great service. Bosch’s large range of security cameras, from Rs.5000 to Rs.50000, shows its quality and covers many monitoring needs. Bosch products stress top-notch image quality. Bosch cameras use advanced image sensors and lenses to capture every frame of video with amazing clarity. Bosch cameras provide unmatched visibility and information in crowded cities and remote industrial sites. Bosch’s CCTV cameras provide advanced features for better performance and use. Dynamic range management preserves details in high-contrast photos by improving exposure and contrast in adverse lighting. Bosch cameras use clever streaming technology to optimize bandwidth and image quality by automatically adjusting video compression settings.


The use of CCTVs in India is growing fast. Be it by the judicial authorities or the general public, everyone is trusting these CCTV cameras for proper surveillance maintenance. So that the CCTV system runs properly in all weather and temperature and offer best quality visuals, the aforementioned companies are offering the best options. They stand as the leading ones in India for these indispensible gadgets.

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