Top 5 Largest Rubber Producing States In India

India has played a big role in the rubber industry worldwide for a long time. The demand for natural rubber (NR) in India is surpassing the local supply, leading to a widening gap. Currently, imports cater to almost 40% of the country’s NR needs. As we know Rubber is a useful material that’s used in many things like tires, cars, machines, and everyday items.

India makes a lot of rubber, ranking fourth globally in production and second in productivity. In the fiscal year 2023, India produced around 839,000 metric tons of natural rubber. India’s climate, especially in the South and Northeast regions, is perfect for growing rubber. Right now, about 8.5 lakh hectares of land in India are used for growing rubber. Now, you’ll get to know the top 5 largest rubber producing states in India.

rubber producing states

What are the top 5 major rubber producing states in India?

1. Kerala

Rubber grows in 16 states of India and Kerala grows the most rubber in all these. Here the cultivation of natural rubber spans across 6,00,000 hectares. Kerala has good weather and lots of rain, which is perfect for growing rubber. In 2024, Kerala still grows the highest rubber and makes a lot of it. The main areas in Kerala where rubber grows are Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Kollam, and Ernakulam. The rubber from Kerala is really good quality and gets used in many different industries. Lots of people in Kerala work in rubber farming, and it’s a big part of the state’s economy.

2. Tripura

Tripura is located in the northeastern part of India. It is the second-largest rubber producer in the country cultivation with 85,083 hectares. The government of Tripura actively encourages growing rubber to help the economy and create jobs. Tripura’s weather and soil are perfect for growing rubber because there’s enough rain and good soil. Most of the rubber farms in Tripura are in West Tripura and South Tripura districts. More and more farmers are starting to grow rubber because it lasts longer and makes more money than other crops.

3. Karnataka

Karnataka is one of India’s top three states for making rubber. The weather and soil in Karnataka are just right for growing rubber plants. The main areas where rubber is grown in Karnataka are Dakshina Kannada, Kodagu, and Shivamogga. In the past few years, rubber production in Karnataka has gone up a lot because the state has encouraged farmers to grow rubber. Also, the Karnataka government is doing many things to help farmers grow more rubber.

4. Assam

Assam is a state in India that has done very well in producing rubber with cultivation on 60,000 hectares. The weather there and the amount of rain it gets make it just right for growing rubber. In Assam, places like Golaghat and Karbi Anglong are famous for making rubber. People in Assam are really into growing rubber because the government encourages it a lot. However, there are some problems. One problem is not having enough skilled workers. Another problem is that the seeds and fertilizers for rubber are expensive. The government is trying to fix these problems.

5. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu grows a lot of different crops, and it’s the fifth biggest place in India for making rubber. Some areas in Tamil Nadu, such as Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi, and Tirunelveli, are famous for growing rubber. These places are near the equator, within 10 degrees of it. The rubber industry in TamilNadu keeps getting bigger, and it helps a lot with how much rubber India makes overall. Farmers in Kanyakumari district make good money from growing rubber.


India has a lot of land where rubber can be grown. The top 5 largest rubber producing states in India are getting bigger because more cars and factories need rubber. The Indian government is helping farmers grow more rubber by giving them help and rewards. Even though there are problems, the future looks good for this industry. It’s important to solve these problems so that the rubber industry keeps growing and does well in both India and other countries.


1. Which states in India produce the most rubber?

Ans: The top rubber-producing states in India are Kerala, Tripura, and Karnataka.

2. What makes Kerala the biggest rubber producer?

Ans: Kerala has a tropical climate and many rubber plantations, which are perfect for growing rubber.

3. How does Tamil Nadu help with India’s rubber production?

Ans: Tamil Nadu has good weather for agriculture and lots of land for growing rubber, so it produces a lot of rubber.

4. Why is Karnataka known for rubber production?

Ans: Karnataka has different types of weather and lots of land for growing rubber, which is why it’s one of the top rubber-producing states.

5. What helps Assam produce rubber?

Ans: Assam has good weather for growing rubber and support from the government, so it grows a lot of rubber.

6. Why is Tripura becoming a big rubber producer?

Ans: Tripura has good weather for growing rubber, support from the government, and more rubber plantations, which is why it’s making more rubber.

7. How does Meghalaya help with rubber production in India?

Ans: Meghalaya has land that’s good for growing rubber and support from the government, so it helps produce rubber for India.

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