Top 10 Leading Roofing Sheets Brands In India

The roofing sheet market might not seem like a big one in the country, but once you look at how huge the demand is for these roofing sheets, you’ll find yourself pretty much dazzled. In India you see, there are so many projects where these roofing sheets can be a huge help to lay down the roof as soon as possible. At this point, we are assuming that you are someone looking forward to buying some roofing sheets for your next project, or it could be that you are an eager investor looking forward to betting your money on this roofing sheets market for the best possible ROI, right? That’s why we are here with the most detailed list of the top 10 leading roofing sheets brands in India.

Types of Roofing Sheets in India

In India, there are several types of roofing sheets commonly used for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Some of the popular types include:

1. Metal Roofing Sheets:

  • Galvanized Iron (GI) Sheets: These are coated with zinc to prevent corrosion and are widely used due to their durability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Galvalume Sheets: These are coated with a combination of zinc and aluminum, offering better corrosion resistance compared to GI sheets.
  • Aluminum Roofing Sheets: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum sheets are often used in coastal areas or where weight is a concern.

2. Asbestos Cement Sheets: Though their usage has declined due to health concerns related to asbestos, asbestos cement sheets were once widely used for roofing due to their affordability and durability.

3. Polycarbonate Sheets: These transparent or translucent sheets are lightweight and offer good thermal insulation. They are commonly used for roofing in areas where natural light is desired, such as warehouses, greenhouses, and skylights.

4. Fiber Cement Sheets: Made from a mixture of cement and fibers such as cellulose or asbestos (nowadays, asbestos-free versions are preferred for safety reasons), these sheets are durable and resistant to fire, moisture, and insects.

5. Bitumen Roofing Sheets: Also known as asphalt roofing sheets, these are made from bitumen and fiberglass or organic materials. They are commonly used for flat or low-slope roofs and are known for their waterproofing properties.

6. PVC Roofing Sheets: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets are lightweight, cost-effective, and resistant to chemicals and corrosion. They are commonly used for roofing in industrial buildings, warehouses, and agricultural structures.

7. Corrugated Roofing Sheets: Available in various materials such as metal, PVC, and fiber cement, corrugated sheets feature a wavy pattern that adds strength and rigidity while allowing for water drainage. They are commonly used for roofing in rural and industrial areas.

8. Roofing Shingles: While not as common in India as in some other countries, roofing shingles made of materials like asphalt, wood, or metal are used in some residential and commercial buildings for their aesthetic appeal and weather resistance.

Each of these roofing sheets offering different advantages in terms of durability, cost, aesthetics, and suitability for various applications and environmental conditions.

Let’s not do any more talking and get to the actual list, shall we?

Leading Roofing Sheets Brands In India

Roofing Sheets

1. MSP Steel & Power Ltd

MSP Steel & Power Ltd

You see, way back in 1968, MSP Steel & Power Ltd kicked off as Adhunik Rollers Pvt. Ltd. in Kolkata, right? But then, in 2003, they switched things up, changed their name to MSP Steel & Power Private Limited, and decided to go public. They’re really into making steel stuff, especially focusing on sponge iron, and they’re doing this in cool places like West Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand. And yeah, they’re not just making steel; they’re selling it too! They’ve grown big time, setting up various factories for different things, from sponge iron and induction furnaces to even making industrial oxygen.

And you know what? People in India are kinda crazy about their roofing sheets. Why? Because they can produce a ton of them and the quality’s top-notch. The team running the show is super trustworthy, and their factories are right where they need to be for efficient steel-making. Plus, they’re super dedicated to quality, making stuff like those roofing sheets that folks just love!

2. Tata BlueScope Steel

Alright, check out Tata BlueScope Steel, it’s this awesome collab between Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel, kicked off in 2005. They’re based in Pune, India, and have made a name for themselves in crafting sturdy steel products. Tata Steel is a global steel-making pro, while BlueScope Steel is incredible at the steel-building game. Together, they’re a powerhouse! Their main gigs? Rolling out coated steel, building parts for roofs and walls, and making ready-to-assemble buildings.

With factories in Jamshedpur, Sriperumbudur, Bhiwadi, and Pune, they pump out a bunch of shiny and colorful steel annually. People are all over Tata BlueScope Steel because their roofs and walls are durable, stylish, and versatile. They use hardcore steel with special coatings that keep it tough and glossy.

3. Bansal Roofing Products Limited

Now, Bansal Roofing burst onto the scene in 2008, crafting cool stuff like pre-engineered buildings and roofing sheets. They hit the stock market big time on July 14, 2014, and then leveled up even more on December 14, 2021. These folks are serious about quality, they’ve even got the certifications to prove it. Based in Vadodara, Gujarat, their factory is a whopping 300,000 sq. ft. beast.

And talking about trustworthiness, CRISIL, a top-notch rating agency, gave them the highest score possible until January 4, 2024. What’s more, they’re super efficient because most of their production is in-house, so no waiting on others. With over 175 projects under their belt, they’re always on point. Bansal Roofing is definitely doing things right!

4. Birla Roofing Solutions

So, let’s talk about HIL Limited, the cool folks behind Birla Roofing Solutions. This brand has been on the scene since 1946, and yeah, they’re pretty famous for crafting some top-notch building materials. They’re a proud part of the big CK Birla Group family and have bagged more than a whopping Rs. 3500 crores. HIL’s got your back with stuff like roofs and floors that are seriously high quality, they’re the real deal. They’ve got some slick brands like Charminar and Birla Aerocon under their belt.

And guess what? They’re not just chilling in one spot though, they’ve got their magic factories spread out in India, Germany, and Austria. Birla Roofing Solutions, thanks to HIL, is the big player in India’s roofing sheet market. They’re not just local, they’ve got stores all over India and in 80 other countries!

5. Everest Industries Limited

Now, let’s take a good look at Everest Industries Ltd. These folks have been playing the building game since 1934. Back in the day, they started with asbestos roofs, but boy, have they evolved. By 1978, they went big, turning into a public company. Fast forward to 1994, they ditched asbestos and started whipping up other cool stuff like roofing sheets and boards. Everest has a whole arsenal of building goodies: roofs, ceilings, walls, floors, and even stylish steel buildings.

Whether it’s homes, offices, or factories, they’ve got you covered. They kicked off “Hi-tech roofing” in 2005 and jumped into prefab steel buildings in 2008. They’re known for their creative streak, like launching colorful cement roofs in 2017 and the stylish Artewood in 2018.

6. Hindalco Industries Ltd.

Hindalco Industries kicked off its journey in India’s industrial realm back in 1958. They hit a major milestone in 1962, launching India’s first aluminum factory in Renukoot, Uttar Pradesh, all thanks to the visionary GD Birla. Fast-forward to 1967, and they added a power plant to the mix. Over the years, Hindalco kept expanding, diving deep into aluminum and copper projects.

In 2002, they rolled out ‘Everlast,’ a line of rad aluminum roofing sheets. These ones are lightweight, strong, and built to last. They’re rust-free and give buildings a stylish look. They even thought about the northeast part of India, offering Everlast sheets as a perfect fit for their needs.

7. JSW Steel Coated Products Limited

So, you’ve heard about JSW Steel Coated Products, right? This roofing sheet brand is a pretty big deal in India, trust me. Kick-started in 2013 and part of the JSW Steel family, they’re the go-to folks for all things cool and colorful in steel. They’ve got these special brands like JSW Everglow, that’s their ultra-high-tech roofing solution, and JSW Colouron+ for those really stylish, colorful roofing sheets.

And yeah, don’t miss out on JSW Pragati+, famous for its strength and durability. These products are everywhere like homes, office buildings, factories, you name it. They’re leading the pack in India, and here’s the best part, they’re eco-friendly too!

8. Georoof

Now, let us introduce you to Georoof, India’s new roofing player! This brand is all about creating roofs that are not just tough as nails but also drop-dead gorgeous. They’ve got this thing called ‘Double Layered Granular Coating,’ sounds fancy, right? It makes their roofing sheets super strong and stunning. Georoof’s sheets come in vibrant, fade-resistant colors and they stay as good as new for ages. And get this, their ‘Cool Roof’ technology reflects sunlight, keeping your home cooler and slashing your energy bills. Cool, right?

They even have an Energy Star Certification for it! Georoof is based out of Kerala and is a big player in the construction materials arena. They’ve got a team of dedicated folks making sure your roof is nothing but the best. So, if you’re dreaming of an amazing roof, Georoof’s got your back!

9. Bhuvaneshwar Perforators

So, let’s talk about Bhuvaneshwar Perforators, yeah, the brand that is known for punching holes in metal sheets. Kicked off back in 2011, this gig is run by a man named Mukesh Choubisa. Hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra, these guys have made a big splash way beyond their hometown. What’s their specialty? Those awesome GI (Galvanized Iron) sheets that are tough as nails and look pretty slick too. People are digging them because they’re built to last and they get the job done perfectly. More than a decade in, and Bhuvaneshwar Perforators is a household name in India.

They’re all about keeping their customers smiling with top-tier products, and yeah, their prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

10. Balaji Roofing

Jumping onto Balaji Roofing at last, this brand has been winning the roofing scene since 2010. They’ve got everything you could ever want for your roof. Need a metal sheet that’s colorful, clear, tough, or just plain metal? Balaji Roofing’s got your back. Their products are top-of-the-line, durable, and versatile. They put their sheets through rigorous tests to ensure top quality.

Their secret sauce? Heavy-duty materials with clever grooves to keep the leaks at bay. And the color choices? They’ve got a rainbow to make your roof pop! Balaji Roofing is all about giving you options, with various sizes and types to fit your needs.


That’s pretty much it. Now you have a good idea of which are the top brands fueling the growth of this roofing sheet market in the country, right? So yeah, whatever you were searching for, we hope that our today’s post helped you out with that in any way possible.

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